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Essay Topic 1

Many titles are possible for this play. Why has Frayn chosen to title it after the city of Copenhagen when so many other issues are at stake?

Essay Topic 2

Margrethe is present for the entire play, yet is not herself a scientist. What is the role of Margrethe in the play? Why is she important to our understanding of the situation?

Essay Topic 3

Describe fission. What is the significance of this process? In what ways might this be viewed as a metaphor for the relationship between Bohr and Heisenberg?

Essay Topic 4

The Bohrs had two sons who were lost to them. What is the significance of these sons? How does Heisenberg compare to them? What is the significance of this comparison?

Essay Topic 5

Uncertainty permeates this play, both in its scientific and prosaic senses. What is the uncertainty at the core of the play? Can the...

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