Copenhagen Character Descriptions

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Niels Bohr

This individual is one of the protagonists at the heart of Copenhagen’s conflict. A Danish scientist and the elder of the play’s primary pair, this character originally worked on atomic physics in the 1920s with a group of younger physicists. As such, he often took on the role of the “father”, and the young men all competed for his attention. Now, he has trouble accepting the uncertainty – and possible excuses – surrounding his former protégé’s visit to Copenhagen in 1941. He has experienced severe loss himself, in the death of his two sons; his wife often points out the similarities between their death’s and Heisenberg’s possible betrayal.

Werner Heisenberg

A German scientist, this individual’s visit spawns the conflict around which the play is based. His motives for the 1941 visit are unclear; indeed, this question is at the heart of the narrative...

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