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Act 1

• Scientist Niels Bohr and his wife, Margrethe, discuss and question the reason why Werner Heisenberg came to visit them years ago.

• They recall that by this point, their friendship is over, and is one of the only things they remember.

• Heisenberg first came to Copenhagen in the 1920s with other young scientists to work with Bohr.

• Heisenberg begins to speak to himself, remembering Bohr leading that group in the 1920s as though they were his own family.

• Returning to 1941, the group collectively remembers Heisenberg arriving in Copenhagen from Germany to give a lecture on astrophysics.

• The half-Jewish Bohr and Margrethe cannot attend the lecture, as it is given at the German Cultural Institute.

• However, Heisenberg says that he has something important to discuss with Bohr.

• Heisenberg visits Bohr at the institute where the latter is currently working, and gives a bad impression to the other scientists present...

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