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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Socrates say will allow Antisthenes to gain the needed capacities?

2. How does Socrates defend his claim of pride in his ability as a pimp?

3. What does Xenophon feel Socrates could do based on individual's needs?

4. What does Socrates believe you must do to be a good democratic administrator?

5. How does Xenophon feel about spending time with Socrates?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Socrates improve his associates through philosophical discussion?

2. In the first subsection of Chapter 2, Book 4, what does Xenophon claim about spending time with Socrates?

3. Describe Socrates conversation with Pericles in the fifth subsection of Chapter 2, Book 3.

4. Describe Socrates conversation about self-discipline with Euthydemus.

5. Why is Socrates proud and how does he defend his claim?

6. What do the men at the dinner party claim as the reasons for their pride, and what happens when the men discuss the value of what each man claims to possess?

7. How does Xenophon justify his claim that Socrates was so devout that he did nothing without divine sanction?

8. Why does Socrates tell Epigenes that he should be concerned about being in poor physical condition?

9. Describe the conversation about beauty between Socrates and Critobulus in Chapter 3, subsection 5.

10. Why does Socrates claim his friends need to learn responsibility before any other virtue?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What charges was Socrates accused and convicted of, and how does Xenophon defend Socrates against each of these charges in "Conversations of Socrates"?

Essay Topic 2

What role does religion play in "Conversations of Socrates"? Why is this important to the plot overall?

Essay Topic 3

How would the book be different if Xenophon felt that Socrates deserved to die?

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