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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Socrates question Theodote about?
(a) Her religious practices.
(b) How she finds friends.
(c) Her thoughts on marriage.
(d) Her allegiance to Greece.

2. What does Socrates believe about courage?
(a) It is largely innate but can be learned.
(b) It is solely a learned trait.
(c) It does not exist.
(d) It is his greatest virtue.

3. What did Socrates do to make his friends more efficient?
(a) Gave them better tools.
(b) Urged them to have self-discipline.
(c) Freed them from all labor.
(d) Did their work for them.

4. What does Socrates claim all of the men should demonstrate?
(a) Their athletic prowess.
(b) The value of what they claim to possess.
(c) Their piety.
(d) Their devotion to Greece.

5. Why did Euthydemus remove himself from the group according to Socrates?
(a) To follow a different philosophy.
(b) To gain a different perspective.
(c) To avoid embarrassment and learning.
(d) To repent of his sins.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Socrates teach about morality and piety according to Xenophon?

2. How does Socrates wish to speak of love in subsection eight?

3. What does Socrates do to help people avoid mistakes and to teach others?

4. What does Socrates say will allow Antisthenes to gain the needed capacities?

5. Whom was Callias strongly attracted to in Chapter 3?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Euthydemus think himself wise, and what does Socrates conclude after conversing with him?

2. How does the dinner party of Chapter 3 come to be?

3. How does Xenophon demonstrate that Socrates displayed his conception of morality and piety by following it in the fourth subsection of Chapter 2, Book 4?

4. How does Xenophon justify his claim that Socrates was so devout that he did nothing without divine sanction?

5. Describe the conversation about beauty between Socrates and Critobulus in Chapter 3, subsection 5.

6. Why does Socrates claim his friends need to learn responsibility before any other virtue?

7. Why does Socrates tell Epigenes that he should be concerned about being in poor physical condition?

8. What does Socrates say about being a good general?

9. How does Socrates try to convince Nicomachides that Antisthenes can succeed as a general?

10. What is Socrates' opinion of how courage is acquired?

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