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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Dionysodorous come to Athens in Book 3?
(a) To seek financial help.
(b) To teach military command.
(c) To kill Socrates.
(d) To save his soul.

2. How does Xenophon believe Socrates thought about all virtues?
(a) They are beyond human comprehension.
(b) They are the same.
(c) He was above them.
(d) They are a myth.

3. What does Socrates question Theodote about?
(a) How she finds friends.
(b) Her allegiance to Greece.
(c) Her thoughts on marriage.
(d) Her religious practices.

4. What made Euthydemus feel wise?
(a) He had a vision from the gods.
(b) He had battlefield skills..
(c) He had read the writings of poets and sages.
(d) He had made the decision to flee Greece.

5. What does Xenophon feel Socrates could do based on individual's needs?
(a) Predict the person's future.
(b) Instruct the person in the ways of the gods.
(c) Adjust his aid accordingly.
(d) Make the person a formidable soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Socrates believe the Athenians should do?

2. What does Lycon tell Socrates as he is leaving after the discussion?

3. What did Socrates do as President of the Assembly?

4. What does Socrates do to help Glaucon become a head of state?

5. How does Socrates wish to speak of love in subsection eight?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Socrates conversation about self-discipline with Euthydemus.

2. What did Socrates tell Euthydemus about the nature of religiosity in subsection 6 of Chapter 2, Book 4?

3. How did Socrates improve his associates through philosophical discussion?

4. What is Socrates' opinion of how courage is acquired?

5. Why does Socrates claim his friends need to learn responsibility before any other virtue?

6. How does Xenophon justify his claim that Socrates was so devout that he did nothing without divine sanction?

7. What does Socrates learn about Theodote in Chapter 2, Book 3, Subsection 11, and how does he instruct her?

8. How do the men at the dinner party react to seeing the passionate kissing between Ariadne and Dionysus?

9. Describe the conversation about beauty between Socrates and Critobulus in Chapter 3, subsection 5.

10. What does Socrates say about eating in subsection 14 of Chapter 2, Book 3?

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