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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Socrates' view on democracy?
(a) He thought it the best way to run a country.
(b) He had never heard of it.
(c) He found it silly.
(d) He thought it needed to be implemented instantly.

2. What are the main charges against Socrates?
(a) Freeing prisoners from jail, disrespecting the State in public, and theft of money.
(b) Revolutionary writings, murder of three men, and sacrificing too little to the gods.
(c) Not recognizing the gods of the State, introducing new deities, and corrupting the young.
(d) Treason against the State, kidnapping of a princess, and defiling a temple.

3. How does Xenophon divide the Memoirs of Socrates?
(a) Directly in half.
(b) Into eight books with four chapters each.
(c) He doesn't divide it all.
(d) Into four books of largely the same length.

4. What does Socrates say should not be avoided completely on the path of liberty?
(a) Reverence to the government.
(b) Violence.
(c) The passions and vices one has.
(d) Confrontation.

5. What did Socrates believe about the gods that led to his great respect for them?
(a) He was equal to them.
(b) They were omniscient.
(c) They protected him from harm.
(d) They spoke to him continuously.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the start of subsection 3, whom does Socrates advise according to Xenophon?

2. When in his life is Xenophon reported to have written the memoirs?

3. What does Meletus claim Socrates caused the youth to do?

4. What does Socrates say is the best defense he could have?

5. What is the main theme of the Memoirs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What positive aspects does Socrates list about the possibility of being convicted of the charges brought against him?

2. What does Socrates say in response to the charge of corrupting the young?

3. Why is Memoirs of Socrates hard to date? What does the editor believe about the validity of the piece?

4. What type of friends does Socrates tell Cristobulus that he should set to acquire?

5. What does Socrates tell Cristobulus he should do in order to deserve good friends who are also good people?

6. How does Socrates' conversation with Aristippus illustrate that he encouraged his friends to be self-disciplined with regard to their bodily desires?

7. How did Socrates' instruction benefit Crito in subsection 9 of Chapter 2, Book 2?

8. According to Xenophon why was Socrates convicted, and how was his fate appropriate?

9. Why does the editor present Socrates' defense first in this collection of Socratic dialogues?

10. Why did Socrates have an arrogant tone at his trial according to Xenophon?

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