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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Socrates think about his defense?
(a) All of the time.
(b) For three months prior to the trial.
(c) For one week in a cell.
(d) When he was summoned for the trial.

2. How does Xenophon divide the Memoirs of Socrates?
(a) Directly in half.
(b) Into four books of largely the same length.
(c) Into eight books with four chapters each.
(d) He doesn't divide it all.

3. What does the editor believe about the validity of the writings?
(a) The writings are quasi-fictional.
(b) They are completely accurate.
(c) The writings are a hoax.
(d) They are meant to be laughed at.

4. What makes the Memoirs of Socrates hard to date?
(a) The document is in pieces.
(b) Socrates himself denounced the writings.
(c) It is written with horrible grammar.
(d) The conversations are poorly organized.

5. How did Socrates benefit his associates and friends?
(a) He gave them money.
(b) He amused them.
(c) He protected them with military power.
(d) Through example and conversation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the main charges against Socrates?

2. What does Socrates claim he bears none of although his opponents do?

3. What does Xenophon discuss with Critobulus in Subsection 6?

4. Whom does Socrates claim people should listen to if they are sick?

5. What did Socrates believe about the gods that led to his great respect for them?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to the editor how does Xenophon's "Conversations of Socrates" compare to Plato's "Apology"?

2. How did Socrates improve his associates through philosophical discussion?

3. How does Ischomachus teach his foremen virtue?

4. How does Xenophon feel about the accusation that Socrates turned his students against their parents? How does he feel Athens should have felt about Socrates?

5. How do the men at the dinner party react to seeing the passionate kissing between Ariadne and Dionysus?

6. How do Socrates and Critobulus decide on a definition of an estate manager in Chapter 4?

7. How does the dinner party of Chapter 3 come to be?

8. Describe the conversation about why those with equal knowledge do not seem to have equal achievements, as related in the conversation in subsection 20 of Chapter 4 between Socrates and Ischomachus.

9. What type of friends does Socrates tell Cristobulus that he should set to acquire?

10. How does Socrates help Aristarchus sort through ignorance and deficiencies?

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