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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Oracle of Delphi have to say about Socrates?
(a) He was the most free and most prudent of all people.
(b) He needed to be silenced.
(c) He was not to be trusted.
(d) The Oracle thought he was foolish.

2. What does Socrates emphasize about the outcome of the trial?
(a) Everyone dies eventually.
(b) It was never a fair trial.
(c) The fates would protect him.
(d) He wished to become a martyr.

3. What does Socrates argue no one has done because of him?
(a) Stopped worshiping the gods.
(b) Deserted the army.
(c) Died.
(d) Committed treason.

4. What does Socrates teach Crito in subsection 9?
(a) How to escape from prison.
(b) How to find refuge from social interaction.
(c) A new recipe for wine.
(d) How to sing.

5. At the start of subsection 7, what does Xenophon relate Socrates has done for his friends?
(a) Helped them through difficulties.
(b) Burdened them.
(c) Provided them with entertainment.
(d) Spoken for them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Xenophon note about Socrates' prophecy?

2. Who asked the Oracle at Delphi about Socrates?

3. What does the editor believe about the validity of the writings?

4. When did Socrates think about his defense?

5. Whom is Lamprocles becoming angry with that causes Socrates to teach him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Socrates say about being a good general?

2. What is Socrates' opinion of how courage is acquired?

3. How does Xenophon demonstrate that Socrates displayed his conception of morality and piety by following it in the fourth subsection of Chapter 2, Book 4?

4. How does Socrates try to convince Nicomachides that Antisthenes can succeed as a general?

5. Why does the editor present Socrates' defense first in this collection of Socratic dialogues?

6. What does Xenophon note at the opening of Socrates' defense, and whom does he cite as an important source of information?

7. Describe the conversation about beauty between Socrates and Critobulus in Chapter 3, subsection 5.

8. Describe the conversation between Pericles and Alcibiades in subsection 2 of Chapter 2, Book 1.

9. What does Socrates say in response to the charge of corrupting the young?

10. How do Socrates and Critobulus decide on a definition of an estate manager in Chapter 4?

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