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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were Socrates' friends doing that mystified him?
(a) Praying for his release.
(b) Calling him God.
(c) Chanting his name.
(d) Crying as he was led away.

2. What did Socrates not encourage his students to do?
(a) Join the military.
(b) Become tyrants.
(c) Read other teachings besides his.
(d) Pay taxes.

3. At the start of subsection 7, what does Xenophon relate Socrates has done for his friends?
(a) Helped them through difficulties.
(b) Spoken for them.
(c) Provided them with entertainment.
(d) Burdened them.

4. What does Xenophon report he overheard Socrates telling a friend?
(a) To avoid worshipping the gods.
(b) To not be distressed by poverty.
(c) To work harder.
(d) To always honor the gods.

5. According to Xenophon, who are examples of good men Socrates has taught?
(a) Critias and Alcibiades.
(b) Crito and Cebes.
(c) Plato and himself.
(d) Pericles and Meletus.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hermogenes claim could be the outcome of the trial?

2. What does Xenophon discuss with Critobulus in Subsection 6?

3. What is Socrates' disposition as he is being led away?

4. How does Socrates teach his associates they should act in respect to food, drink, sex, and sleep?

5. How does Socrates argue one can modify someone else's behavior?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the conversation between Pericles and Alcibiades in subsection 2 of Chapter 2, Book 1.

2. According to Xenophon why was Socrates convicted, and how was his fate appropriate?

3. How is the anecdote about Critias and Alebiades used to prove that Socrates did not have a negative effect on the youth?

4. In Chapter 2, Book 1, what does the editor clarify about the concepts of self-discipline and free action?

5. What does Socrates tell Cristobulus he should do in order to deserve good friends who are also good people?

6. How does Socrates open his defense, and how does he refer to the Oracle of Delphi as part of his argument?

7. How did Socrates act out of public piety to show his students how to live good lives?

8. Why doesn't Socrates prepare for his defense before the trial?

9. What does Xenophon note at the opening of Socrates' defense, and whom does he cite as an important source of information?

10. According to the editor how does Xenophon's "Conversations of Socrates" compare to Plato's "Apology"?

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