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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom was Callias strongly attracted to in Chapter 3?
(a) The wife of his best friend.
(b) His own mother.
(c) A ghost.
(d) The boy Autolycus.

2. How did Socrates teach about morality and piety according to Xenophon?
(a) With complicated metaphors.
(b) By writing songs.
(c) By teaching and following it.
(d) By setting an example of what not to do.

3. What did Socrates do to make his friends more efficient?
(a) Gave them better tools.
(b) Freed them from all labor.
(c) Did their work for them.
(d) Urged them to have self-discipline.

4. Who comes to entertain the men at Callias' dinner?
(a) A group of actors.
(b) Socrates.
(c) Phillipus.
(d) A singing group.

5. What does Socrates believe you must do to be a good democratic administrator?
(a) You must curry favor from the gods.
(b) You must come from a wealthy family.
(c) You must know the people well.
(d) You must be very sly.

6. Whom does Socrates describe as soft?
(a) Those that do not use their talents to serve their country.
(b) Charmides' children.
(c) The police force in Athens.
(d) The soldiers of Greece.

7. How does Charmides act around the weakest of people according to Socrates?
(a) He is too hard on them.
(b) He speaks too loudly.
(c) He acts insane.
(d) He is too shy.

8. How does Xenophon claim Socrates meet his death?
(a) As a repentant man.
(b) As a foolish man.
(c) As a cowardly man.
(d) As a noble man.

9. Why did Dionysodorous come to Athens in Book 3?
(a) To kill Socrates.
(b) To teach military command.
(c) To save his soul.
(d) To seek financial help.

10. What does Socrates claim is easier about love for the mind?
(a) It is easier to fake.
(b) It requires little work.
(c) It is easier to reciprocate.
(d) It is easier to live without.

11. What does Socrates talk with Epigenes about in subsection 12?
(a) A job he has in mind for him.
(b) His snobby attitude.
(c) The afterlife.
(d) His poor physical condition.

12. What does Socrates say will allow Antisthenes to gain the needed capacities?
(a) His focus on winning.
(b) His piety.
(c) His charisma.
(d) His fearlessness.

13. What is Socrates talking to Nicomachides about at the start of subsection 4?
(a) The unfairness of slavery.
(b) Who the people appointed for a general.
(c) His dying wish.
(d) The state of politics.

14. How does Hermogenes say he retains his friends?
(a) By feeding them.
(b) By holding their money from them.
(c) By praising them and returning their good works.
(d) By paying them.

15. What does Socrates believe the Athenians should do?
(a) Go on the offensive.
(b) Repent of their sins.
(c) Relocate the city.
(d) Recover their ancestral forms of life.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Socrates explain to Critobulus you can find beauty?

2. What does Lycon tell Socrates as he is leaving after the discussion?

3. What are the main themes of Chapter 3?

4. Why did Euthydemus remove himself from the group according to Socrates?

5. What does Aristippus try to trap Socrates into claiming?

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