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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Socrates conclude about the terms right and lawful?
(a) They have the same meaning.
(b) They are opposites.
(c) He does not understand them.
(d) They have no relation to real life.

2. What does Socrates believe about courage?
(a) It does not exist.
(b) It is largely innate but can be learned.
(c) It is his greatest virtue.
(d) It is solely a learned trait.

3. Charmides claims the combination of young beauty and music make him think of _____________.
(a) Youth.
(b) The gods.
(c) Home.
(d) Love.

4. In subsection 10, Socrates talks to _____________to show he cares for their interests.
(a) Craftsmen.
(b) Generals.
(c) Teachers.
(d) Beggars.

5. What are the main themes of Chapter 3?
(a) The love affair of Xenophon.
(b) The nature of love and Socrates' ideal true goodness.
(c) Revolt is the only answer.
(d) Socrates should be remembered as a god.

6. Why did Dionysodorous come to Athens in Book 3?
(a) To kill Socrates.
(b) To teach military command.
(c) To seek financial help.
(d) To save his soul.

7. Whom does Socrates describe as soft?
(a) Charmides' children.
(b) Those that do not use their talents to serve their country.
(c) The police force in Athens.
(d) The soldiers of Greece.

8. How does Xenophon claim Socrates reacted to authority?
(a) He disregarded it.
(b) He was the authority.
(c) He obeyed it.
(d) He openly rebelled against it.

9. How does Charmides act around the weakest of people according to Socrates?
(a) He acts insane.
(b) He speaks too loudly.
(c) He is too shy.
(d) He is too hard on them.

10. What does Hermogenes delight in?
(a) The ruination of others.
(b) The goodness and influence of his friends.
(c) The stature he has attained.
(d) Military victory.

11. How does Xenophon feel about spending time with Socrates?
(a) He feels it is always a service.
(b) He wishes to be elsewhere.
(c) He loathes it.
(d) He feels it is a privilege.

12. What does Socrates claim all of the men should demonstrate?
(a) Their piety.
(b) Their devotion to Greece.
(c) The value of what they claim to possess.
(d) Their athletic prowess.

13. What does Hermogenes say drunkenness is in subsection six?
(a) Annoying one's companions.
(b) A horrific crime.
(c) The best way to live life.
(d) Man's only solace.

14. What does Lycon tell Socrates as he is leaving after the discussion?
(a) He thinks Socrates is a fool.
(b) He believes Socrates is truly a good man.
(c) He is too drunk to walk home.
(d) He is in love with him.

15. How does Socrates feel about Pericles (the younger)?
(a) He would like to kill him.
(b) He has high hopes for his generalship.
(c) He can't stand him.
(d) He believes him to be the most pious of all people.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Socrates wish to speak of love in subsection eight?

2. What does Socrates argue men should rank over physical love?

3. How does Xenophon believe Socrates thought about all virtues?

4. How did Socrates help people when it came to religion?

5. What event does Xenophon describe to begin his story?

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