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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Xenophon claim no one should believe about Socrates?
(a) He made valid points.
(b) He made false claims about the divine.
(c) He was an intelligent man.
(d) He cared for people.

2. How does Xenophon claim Socrates reacted to authority?
(a) He was the authority.
(b) He openly rebelled against it.
(c) He disregarded it.
(d) He obeyed it.

3. Whom does Socrates claim makes what is right into what is lawful?
(a) The people.
(b) The teachers.
(c) The Assembly.
(d) The gods.

4. What does Socrates claim is easier about love for the mind?
(a) It is easier to reciprocate.
(b) It is easier to live without.
(c) It requires little work.
(d) It is easier to fake.

5. What are you compelled to do if you admire the goodness of another according to Socrates?
(a) Question their motives.
(b) Act well to preserve the beloved's goodness.
(c) Act violently towards others.
(d) Repent your sins.

6. Where does Chapter 3 take place?
(a) An Athenian dinner party.
(b) An abandoned temple.
(c) Socrates' grave.
(d) A shrine to the gods.

7. What event does Xenophon describe to begin his story?
(a) A funeral for his father.
(b) A great flood.
(c) The horse race at the Great Panathenaic Festival.
(d) A marriage he attended.

8. What does Socrates do to help Glaucon become a head of state?
(a) Sacrifices to the gods on his behalf.
(b) Instructs him to become wise.
(c) Places a bribe on his behalf.
(d) Supports him publicly.

9. What is Socrates talking to Nicomachides about at the start of subsection 4?
(a) Who the people appointed for a general.
(b) His dying wish.
(c) The unfairness of slavery.
(d) The state of politics.

10. In subsection 10, Socrates talks to _____________to show he cares for their interests.
(a) Teachers.
(b) Beggars.
(c) Craftsmen.
(d) Generals.

11. What does Socrates claim all of the men should demonstrate?
(a) Their piety.
(b) Their athletic prowess.
(c) The value of what they claim to possess.
(d) Their devotion to Greece.

12. What does Socrates say will allow Antisthenes to gain the needed capacities?
(a) His focus on winning.
(b) His charisma.
(c) His piety.
(d) His fearlessness.

13. Socrates argues the gods are concerned with ____________.
(a) Power and might.
(b) Human welfare.
(c) The government.
(d) Their own splendor.

14. What does Socrates believe the Athenians should do?
(a) Repent of their sins.
(b) Recover their ancestral forms of life.
(c) Go on the offensive.
(d) Relocate the city.

15. What did the bachelors vow to do after seeing the couple's passionate kissing?
(a) To join the military.
(b) To get married.
(c) To become celibate.
(d) To avoid love at all costs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Dionysodorous come to Athens in Book 3?

2. What does Socrates believe is part of living a well-ordered life?

3. What did Socrates do as President of the Assembly?

4. What does Hermogenes delight in?

5. How does Socrates defend his claim of pride in his ability as a pimp?

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