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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Socrates prophesy about in Chapter 1?
(a) Anytus' future.
(b) The fall of Greece.
(c) A victory in battle.
(d) His own fate.

2. What forced the jurors to condemn Socrates, according to Xenophon?
(a) The gods.
(b) Socrates' appearance.
(c) Government influence.
(d) Socrates' arrogance.

3. What does Socrates emphasize about the outcome of the trial?
(a) Everyone dies eventually.
(b) The fates would protect him.
(c) He wished to become a martyr.
(d) It was never a fair trial.

4. What had Socrates decided that made him appear arrogant, according to Xenophon?
(a) Death was better than life.
(b) He was far superior to everyone there.
(c) He could outwit Xenophon.
(d) He could bribe his way out of the trial.

5. What does Socrates say should not be avoided completely on the path of liberty?
(a) Violence.
(b) Confrontation.
(c) Reverence to the government.
(d) The passions and vices one has.

6. What does Xenophon note about Socrates' prophecy?
(a) The time it was made.
(b) He was right.
(c) He does not believe him.
(d) The outcome is yet unknown.

7. Socrates claims he is not a slave to __________.
(a) The government.
(b) Any religion.
(c) His bodily desires.
(d) The wages of death.

8. What does Socrates believe most people undervalue?
(a) Their friends.
(b) Religion.
(c) Their civic duty.
(d) A hard day's work.

9. According to Socrates, what is his financial situation?
(a) He is wealthy beyond necessity.
(b) He is a financial hardship to his friends.
(c) He owes many debts.
(d) He is not in debt.

10. Who is Hermogenes' father?
(a) Socrates.
(b) Plato.
(c) Xenophon.
(d) Hipponicus.

11. What does Xenophon argue that Socrates has never done?
(a) Listened to others.
(b) Sacrificed to the gods.
(c) Uttered a heretical word.
(d) Obeyed laws.

12. What does Critobulus worry about good men?
(a) They often quarrel and treat each other poorly.
(b) They are deceiving the world.
(c) They have malicious intentions.
(d) They are only good due to wealth.

13. What does Socrates tell Critobulus he should do to deserve good people in his life?
(a) Sacrifice himself to the gods.
(b) Buy his friends.
(c) Ignore the views of the government.
(d) Make himself a good man.

14. At the start of subsection 3, whom does Socrates advise according to Xenophon?
(a) His nieces and nephews.
(b) The Oracle of Delphi.
(c) Two brothers, Chaerephon and Chaerecrates.
(d) Plato.

15. What additional virtue is Socrates credited with having?
(a) The virtue of silence.
(b) The ability to teach others.
(c) The ability to perform magic.
(d) He is a brilliant alchemist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Socrates have a conversation with that illustrates his belief on self-discipline?

2. What does the Oracle of Delphi have to say about Socrates?

3. How does Socrates view suffering through free action?

4. Ultimately, what is Socrates' Defense?

5. What does the editor believe about the validity of the writings?

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