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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Xenophon confused by in the first subsection of Book 1?
(a) The military presence surrounding Socrates.
(b) The meaning Socrates is trying to convey.
(c) The importance of Socrates' trial.
(d) The accusation that Socrates is guilty of the charges.

2. What is the problem with the refugees Aristarchus is housing?
(a) They are drunk all of the time.
(b) They refuse to bathe.
(c) They are a rowdy bunch.
(d) They do not work.

3. How does Socrates view suffering through free action?
(a) You should inflict suffering on others to counteract it.
(b) It is better to suffer with others.
(c) It is better than involuntary suffering.
(d) It is inevitable.

4. How does Xenophon end his discussion in subsection 10?
(a) By allowing Socrates to leave.
(b) By questioning his own authority.
(c) By recounting a discussion between Socrates and Diodorus.
(d) By condemning Socrates as a heretic.

5. What is the general point of Book 2?
(a) To show how Socrates could not be trusted.
(b) To show Socrates did not corrupt his friends.
(c) To show Socrates as a deity.
(d) To show the weaknesses in Socrates' logic.

6. Ultimately, what is Socrates' Defense?
(a) A pamphlet as opposed to a book.
(b) A work of religious greatness.
(c) A guide to life.
(d) A testament to hard work.

7. What were Socrates' friends doing that mystified him?
(a) Crying as he was led away.
(b) Praying for his release.
(c) Chanting his name.
(d) Calling him God.

8. What did Socrates not encourage his students to do?
(a) Read other teachings besides his.
(b) Pay taxes.
(c) Join the military.
(d) Become tyrants.

9. How did Critias and Alcibiades do great damage to Athens?
(a) Releasing animals from their cages.
(b) Committing treason.
(c) As oligarchs.
(d) They started a fire.

10. What does Xenophon note about Socrates' prophecy?
(a) The outcome is yet unknown.
(b) He does not believe him.
(c) He was right.
(d) The time it was made.

11. What is Crito able to use to his advantage in subsection 9?
(a) His friendship with Archedemus.
(b) His extreme strength.
(c) His telepathic powers.
(d) His social status.

12. What did Socrates believe about the gods that led to his great respect for them?
(a) They protected him from harm.
(b) He was equal to them.
(c) They were omniscient.
(d) They spoke to him continuously.

13. What is Xenophon explaining at the onset of subsection 4?
(a) Socrates' views on friendship.
(b) An argument he had with Plato.
(c) Reasons to execute Socrates.
(d) His role in the trial of Socrates.

14. What does the editor believe about the validity of the writings?
(a) The writings are a hoax.
(b) They are completely accurate.
(c) They are meant to be laughed at.
(d) The writings are quasi-fictional.

15. In the second subsection of Book 1, what does Xenophon deny Socrates has done?
(a) Spoke to the gods.
(b) Had a negative effect on the youth.
(c) Met the Oracle of Delphi.
(d) Bribed him for protection.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Socrates think about his defense?

2. Why does Socrates believe he is rich when Antiphon questions his modest lifestyle?

3. Whom does Socrates claim people should listen to if they are sick?

4. Who brought the charges against Socrates?

5. What does Socrates emphasize about the outcome of the trial?

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