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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ultimately, what is Socrates' Defense?
(a) A pamphlet as opposed to a book.
(b) A guide to life.
(c) A work of religious greatness.
(d) A testament to hard work.

2. According to Socrates,what has not corrupted the youth?
(a) His practice of virtue.
(b) The food they eat.
(c) The texts they have read.
(d) The government.

3. When in his life is Xenophon reported to have written the memoirs?
(a) Xenophon reportedly wrote them as a young man.
(b) The memoirs are supposedly written posthumously.
(c) It is believed Xenophon wrote them late in his life.
(d) Xenophon did not do the writings himself.

4. What does Socrates emphasize about the outcome of the trial?
(a) The fates would protect him.
(b) It was never a fair trial.
(c) He wished to become a martyr.
(d) Everyone dies eventually.

5. What is Crito able to use to his advantage in subsection 9?
(a) His extreme strength.
(b) His social status.
(c) His friendship with Archedemus.
(d) His telepathic powers.

6. According to Socrates, what is his financial situation?
(a) He is wealthy beyond necessity.
(b) He is not in debt.
(c) He owes many debts.
(d) He is a financial hardship to his friends.

7. What does Book 2 show Socrates did?
(a) Encourage people to be violent.
(b) Promote civil unrest.
(c) Encourage his friends to be good.
(d) Commit blasphemy against the gods.

8. What does Critobulus worry about good men?
(a) They are only good due to wealth.
(b) They have malicious intentions.
(c) They often quarrel and treat each other poorly.
(d) They are deceiving the world.

9. What are the main charges against Socrates?
(a) Revolutionary writings, murder of three men, and sacrificing too little to the gods.
(b) Freeing prisoners from jail, disrespecting the State in public, and theft of money.
(c) Not recognizing the gods of the State, introducing new deities, and corrupting the young.
(d) Treason against the State, kidnapping of a princess, and defiling a temple.

10. What does Socrates claim he bears none of although his opponents do?
(a) He bears no ill will.
(b) He bears no false witness.
(c) He bears no burden of proof.
(d) He bears no shame.

11. According to Xenophon, who are examples of good men Socrates has taught?
(a) Crito and Cebes.
(b) Plato and himself.
(c) Critias and Alcibiades.
(d) Pericles and Meletus.

12. Subsection 8 shows Socrates interacting with ___________.
(a) A young beggar on the street.
(b) New deities.
(c) His friend Eutherus.
(d) Revolutionaries.

13. What were Socrates' friends doing that mystified him?
(a) Praying for his release.
(b) Chanting his name.
(c) Crying as he was led away.
(d) Calling him God.

14. What makes the Memoirs of Socrates hard to date?
(a) Socrates himself denounced the writings.
(b) It is written with horrible grammar.
(c) The conversations are poorly organized.
(d) The document is in pieces.

15. In the second subsection of Book 1, what does Xenophon deny Socrates has done?
(a) Had a negative effect on the youth.
(b) Bribed him for protection.
(c) Met the Oracle of Delphi.
(d) Spoke to the gods.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Socrates teach his associates they should act in respect to food, drink, sex, and sleep?

2. What does Plato think of Socrates' defense at the trial?

3. At the start of subsection 3, whom does Socrates advise according to Xenophon?

4. What does Xenophon discuss with Critobulus in Subsection 6?

5. What does the editor emphasize should not prevent you from using worldly goods?

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