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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Memoirs of Socrates, Book IV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Xenophon reveal to us about Theodote in subsection 11?
(a) She is in love with him.
(b) She consorts with anyone persuasive.
(c) She is a beacon of prudence.
(d) She is very wealthy.

2. What is Xenophon confused by in the first subsection of Book 1?
(a) The military presence surrounding Socrates.
(b) The importance of Socrates' trial.
(c) The accusation that Socrates is guilty of the charges.
(d) The meaning Socrates is trying to convey.

3. According to Socrates, what is his financial situation?
(a) He is a financial hardship to his friends.
(b) He is wealthy beyond necessity.
(c) He owes many debts.
(d) He is not in debt.

4. In the second subsection of Book 1, what does Xenophon deny Socrates has done?
(a) Had a negative effect on the youth.
(b) Met the Oracle of Delphi.
(c) Bribed him for protection.
(d) Spoke to the gods.

5. Socrates reasons the world was designed for ______________.
(a) His personal gain.
(b) The good of man.
(c) The strong and mighty.
(d) Testing man's resilience.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the editor believe about the validity of the writings?

2. How does Socrates argue one can modify someone else's behavior?

3. What does Socrates discuss with Charmides at the start of subsection 7?

4. Why did Euthydemus remove himself from the group according to Socrates?

5. How does Socrates view suffering through free action?

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