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Ancient Greece

This is the subject of Xenophon's works.


This is the city where all the dialogues are set.

The Agora

This is the open market in Athens.

The Forum

This is the area in Athens where the public could speak to politicians openly.

Callias' House

This is the setting of the dinner party.

Socrates' Trial

This is the setting of Socrates' Defense.

The Truly Good Man

This is the idea that Socrates works out throughout Xenophon's writings.

The Great Panathenaic Festival

This is the festival celebrating Athena that included a range of athletic events.


This is what Critobulus and Socrates discuss the value of in The Estate-Manager.

The Estate-Manager

This is what Socrates discusses at length with Critobulus and later recounts a conversation he had on similar matters with Ischomachus.

The Accusations against Socrates

These were made at Socrates' trial and included that he did...

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