Conversations of Socrates Fun Activities

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Changing Genres

In groups of 2 or 3, choose a scene from this book to rewrite slightly to fit into a different genre. Enact your scene for the class.

Time to Mime

In groups of 3 or 4, choose a scene and silently act it out. Your classmates will guess which scene you have chosen.

Socrates' Sonnets

Pick a person in this book, and write a poem from them to another person in the book.

Same as Socrates

Find a book with a similar plot or focus, and summarize it to present to the class.

Modern Philosophy

Separate into groups of three or four. Choose a scene from this book, and rewrite it as a modern adaptation. Enact your scene.

Playing Favorites

Choose your favorite student of Socrates. Explain to the class what happened in this book while adopting that persona.

Day to Draw

Draw your favorite scene from "Conversations of Socrates...

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