Conversations of Socrates Character Descriptions

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Socrates of Athens

This man lived the paradigmatic life of the philosopher and is widely believed to have cared for nothing but the truth.

Xenophon of Athens

This man was a great Greek historian who wrote about the history of Athens.

Robin Waterfield

This British classical scholar translated and edited Conversations of Socrates.


This lifelong friend was a constant interlocutor in the Memoirs, the Dinner-Party, and the Estate-Manager.


One of very few good men, this is a wealthy but virtuous estate-manager.


This man was the main interlocutor in Socrates' Defense and was present at The Dinner-Party.

Socrates' Dinner Companions

This group includes Callias, Autolycus, Lycon, Niceratus, Charmides, Hermogenes and Critobulus.


This man was the main interlocutor in Book IV of the Memoirs.


This Athenian statesman was present at the dinner-party.


This man is the host of the dinner-party.

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