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Short Answer Questions

1. When Tom Benecke is finally able to move again, he is said to move with what type of "slowness" (36)?

2. In what location does Tom Benecke place the yellow sheet of paper just after he retrieves it from under his fingers?

3. What feeling does Tom Benecke get when he closes his eyes while still on the ledge?

4. Tom Benecke thinks to himself that once he is back inside his apartment, he will "release" (50) what?

5. Tom Benecke refers to his method of concentrating on moving one body part at a time as a what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What objects does Tom Benecke use in an attempt to break the window?

2. For what reasons does Tom Benecke finally decide that he cannot possibly wait on the ledge until Clare Benecke returns home?

3. What is Finney's purpose for allowing Tom Benecke's shouts for help to go unanswered?

4. What conclusion does Tom Benecke reach about the act of looking down?

5. For what reason will Clare Benecke be unable to help Tom Benecke herself when she arrives home?

6. What is Tom Benecke's estimate about when his wife Clare Benecke will likely return home?

7. When Tom Benecke detects movement inside his apartment, what is the source?

8. How is the motif of the carnivalesque apparent within Tom Benecke's image of what he will do when he regains access to his apartment?

9. What else happens when Tom Benecke's wrists are "jarred" (41) from the frame of the window?

10. Describe the way in which canine-involved language is used within the story and for what purpose.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the interplay between the resolution of Jack Finney's story "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket" and one of the story's main messages. How does Finney make connections between these elements, and how does their juxtaposition help Finney get across one main message of the story?

Essay Topic 2

William Faulkner once famously claimed that the most important literature deals with the subject of the human heart in conflict with itself. Explain how the theme of Human versus Self is demonstrated within Jack Finney's story "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket." Create a decisive, arguable claim and prove it with quotes from the story.

Essay Topic 3

Look carefully at the passages of the story that describe the relationship between Tom and Clare Benecke. What is Finney’s purpose for portraying the relationship in the manner that he does?

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