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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Mind.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What field does Wilson say philosophers and scientists should collaborate in?
(a) Biology and social sciences.
(b) Urban planning.
(c) International relations.
(d) Conflict resolution.

2. How does Wilson characterize the modern definition of dreams?
(a) Psychic returns to the scenes of primal injuries.
(b) Reconstitution of daily experiences in surreal visions.
(c) Mystic connections to real events outside the body.
(d) Visions charged by emotion and reorganized by information in memory.

3. What force did John Locke believe in, in Wilson's account?
(a) The therapeutic force of society.
(b) The damaging force of society.
(c) The nurturing force of the environment.
(d) The civilizing force of discipline.

4. What does Wilson say we discover when we link social sciences, biology, ethics and environmental policy?
(a) Each field bolsters reasoning in other fields.
(b) Fields need to have unified sources of funding.
(c) Fields have their own unique disciplines.
(d) Academic research involves similar intellectual work no matter the field.

5. How does Wilson describe ant colonies?
(a) As a kind of controlled chaos.
(b) As the sum of their constituent ants.
(c) As superorganisms.
(d) As interdependent systems.

Short Answer Questions

1. What interpret does Wilson give the myth of Icarus?

2. What did the idea of intellectual unity foster in the Enlightenment?

3. What was Wilson's relationship with the term 'Consilience'?

4. How has the postmodern fragmentation of knowledge affected consilience, in Wilson's account??

5. What do nerve cells in the brain send signals along?

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