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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Great Branches of Learning.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What field does Wilson say philosophers and scientists should collaborate in?
(a) Biology and social sciences.
(b) Conflict resolution.
(c) International relations.
(d) Urban planning.

2. What claims do philosophers make for the unification of knowledge?
(a) That scientific solutions are incomplete without the humanities.
(b) That it can bring more peace to political conflicts.
(c) That it can reduce the need for science.
(d) That it can resolve issues the sciences cannot answer.

3. How does Wilson characterize the relationship between ecology and ethics?
(a) By studying how people assign values, we find that ecology has always had an ethical scale of value.
(b) By valuing previously unvalued phenomena, ecology develops its own unique ethics.
(c) Without analysis in ecology, there is little basis for making ethical claims.
(d) Without tangible laws of ethics, ecology is always an approximate science, ethically.

4. What does Wilson mean by the Ionian Enchantment'?
(a) Belief in a transcendent spirit.
(b) Belief in the unity of species.
(c) Belief in the multiplicity of forms.
(d) Belief in a historical process.

5. What does Wilson say we discover when we link social sciences, biology, ethics and environmental policy?
(a) Fields have their own unique disciplines.
(b) Each field bolsters reasoning in other fields.
(c) Academic research involves similar intellectual work no matter the field.
(d) Fields need to have unified sources of funding.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the relationship between politicians and intellectuals, in Wilson's account?

2. Wilson says that biological classification is based on the "Origin of Species" and what?

3. What is the only way to get a clear picture of the world, in Wilson's account?

4. Where do government policies typically originate, in Wilson's account?

5. Who proposed the idea of unity of species that follow a few simple laws?

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