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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through From Genes to Culture.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How would you describe the relationship between Descartes' theories and modern science of the brain?
(a) Descartes sense of consciousness' abstraction has been embraced by scientists who practice consilience.
(b) Modern science has centered on the role of doubt in awareness.
(c) Descartes' dualism has been rejected.
(d) The molecular work on the brain has completely surpassed anything Descartes theorized.

2. What was Wilson's relationship with the term 'Consilience'?
(a) It came to him in a dream.
(b) He coined it.
(c) He discovered it in his research.
(d) He revitalized it.

3. How can science help us, in Wilson's account?
(a) Science can expand the limits of what we can see.
(b) Science can reveal the extent of human powerlessness.
(c) Science can give us better stories to tell about psychological nature.
(d) Science can show us how our impressions are created by our feelings.

4. Where does the unification of intellectual work have its benefit, in Wilson's account?
(a) In philosophy.
(b) In environmental policy.
(c) In the future.
(d) In politics.

5. What did Enlightenment thinkers tried to link, in Wilson's account?
(a) Science and humanities.
(b) Reason and religion.
(c) Man and animal.
(d) Humanity and philosophy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why have scientific models of the brain failed to explain consciousness?

2. What does science seek, in Wilson's account?

3. What did the idea of intellectual unity foster in the Enlightenment?

4. What is the only way to get a clear picture of the world, in Wilson's account?

5. Where is the seat of consciousness in the brain?

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