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The Ionian Enchantment

1. Where did Wilson develop the idea of unified learning?
(a) In his research on ants.
(b) In his writings on religion.
(c) During his childhood.
(d) During his science studies.

2. Who influenced Wilson's idea of unified learning?
(a) Linnaeus.
(b) Lamarck.
(c) Darwin.
(d) Van Buren.

3. What two fields did Wilson connect in his theory of unified learning?
(a) Philosophy and evolution.
(b) Epistemology and religion.
(c) Classification and evolution.
(d) Evolution and genetics.

4. What was it about armies that Wilson was struck by?
(a) How they were subsidized by communities or nations.
(b) How they were close brotherhoods.
(c) How they were organized.
(d) How they were supported by an entire society.

5. What effect does Wilson say evolution had?
(a) It changed the classification of animals.
(b) It ended the importance of religion.
(c) It changed the social order among men.
(d) It revealed the mechanism of God's working.

6. Wilson says that biological classification is based on the "Origin of Species" and what?
(a) Systematics.
(b) Systems theory.
(c) Military organization.
(d) Dianetics.

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