Daily Lessons for Teaching Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

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Lesson 1 (from The Ionian Enchantment)


The Ionian Enchantment

The beginning of the book introduces us to the topic at hand--consilience--but it also introduces us to E.O. Wilson as the voice of the discussion. This lesson discusses Wilson' literary voice and temperament.


1. Close Reading: Read the first few paragraphs of the book, paying close attention to Wilson's choices of vocabulary and usage. How does Wilson position himself as the guide through the book to come? As a friend, as a casual speaker? As an expert, an authority? As an interested observer?

2. Small Group Discussion: Ask students to work together in small groups to characterize Wilson's personality as it is expressed in his prose. What kind of person is Wilson likely to be? How can you tell from the language? What are his preoccupations, in the first chapters? Ask each group to report back to the class after some time for...

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