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Bumper stickers

Design bumper sticker sayings that sum up (or play off of) Wilson' "Consilience."


What would happen if Wilson walked into a bar? Tried to change a light bulb? Design jokes based on "Consilience."

Subverting Consilience

Identify key sentences in the book and revise them by changing key terms. How can you make Wilson sound diabolical? Humorous? Devout? Silly?

Consilience short story

Write a short story in which "Consilience" appears.

Consilience haiku

Write haiku that express themes from "Consilience."

Adapting Consilience

How would you adapt "Consilience" for the stage, or for film? Would you make a documentary, or a drama?

Casting Consilience

If you were casting "Consilience" for film, what Hollywood actors would you cast in key parts? Who would you cast from your school or region?

Consilience soundtrack

If you were making a film or documentary of "Consilience" what music would you use for the...

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