Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge Character Descriptions

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This person was named the prophet of the Laws of Progress.

Francis Bacon

This person founded philosophy of science, and became the first master of scientific method as part of the Enlightenment.

Rene Descartes

This person believed in the system of knowledge that could be viewed through mathematics.

Isaac Newton

This person saw the universe as both orderly and comprehensible, and devised the laws of gravity and motion.

William Durham

This person searched for the consequences of incest through ethnographic records of sixty random societies.

John Locke

This person thought that atheists were incapable of being part of human society.

Antonio Damasio

This person was a famous neurologist who described the role emotions play in our consciousness.


This person wrote "The Origin of the Species" that depicted natural selection as part of the evolution of species.

George Bernard Shaw

This person called himself an atheist and...

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