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Short Answer Questions

1. Who accompanies Augustine for the holiday?

2. Before the Heavens and the Earth existed what does Augustine say did not exist?

3. What is different between scripture and the books of the Platonists?

4. What does Augustine warn will happen if we move away from God's responsibility for the creation?

5. What is one definition of evil?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Augustine say about formlessness?

2. Augustine says why people hate the truth. What does he say about the truth?

3. What does Augustine say is the use of the senses in dealing with time?

4. What is Alypius' view of Jesus and what is Augustine's?

5. Discuss the idea Augustine had about the beginning of all and on time.

6. What does Augustine say about music and pleasure?

7. What does Augustine say about writing his confession?

8. What does Augustine decide to do at the beginning of Book IX? How does he do it?

9. What does Augustine say about memory?

10. How does Augustine see evil?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Moses wrote down the Holy Scriptures, he had to make them understandable, says Augustine. Moses also needed them to convey a deeper meaning to scholars and truth-seekers. The simple people think of the story of creation in a simple way, which is literal and materialistic.

1. Do you believe scholars are better able to understand religious writings than lay people? Why or why not?

2. Explain a situation in which you have read something you didn't understand.

3. What do you think Augustine means by "literal and materialistic" in the above sentence?

Essay Topic 2

There is no harm in having different interpretations of the Scriptures, at least as long as various heresies are avoided, according to Augustine. If two people both believe in the word of God, it can even be fruitful to have a debate about different interpretations of the Scriptures.

1. Why do you think different people have different interpretations of religious writings?

2. Do you think different interpretations of writings apply to writings other than religious ones? Explain your reasoning.

3. Discuss the problem with language and why it might lead to different interpretations of the same writings.

Essay Topic 3

Augustine compares the Trinity to these three things: existence, knowledge, and will. Augustine does this because he is a being that exists, and that both knows and wills.

1. What do you think Augustine means by existence, knowledge and will?

2. Do you agree with Augustine that he can know what the Trinity is because he has existence, knowledge, and will? Why or why not?

3. Do you think only humans have existence, knowledge, and will or do animals? Explain your reasoning.

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