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Short Answer Questions

1. What sect does Augustine prefer?

2. Why is Augustine's father is willing to shoulder large financial burdens?

3. Besides thievery, in what is Augustine involved?

4. What do the Manicheans believe when one their "Elect" digest food gifts?

5. What does Augustine teach?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Monica feel about Augustine moving and how does he get around her?

2. How does Augustine's initial conversion to Christianity come about?

3. Augustine says he wrote Confessions for what reason?

4. Why did one of Augustine's friends abandon Christianity and what happens after that?

5. As a young man how does Augustine feel about love and what doesn't he understand about it?

6. How does Augustine feel about the Christianity he comes in contact with and what does he observe about the morals of Christians?

7. What type of job does Augustine do and where does he get his money?

8. What gives Augustine an excuse to continue following his baser desires?

9. What type of religion ensnares Augustine's interest?

10. What does Augustine feel the pear tree incident symbolized?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Augustine urges the church faithful to be righteous and to do good deeds, but not as a substitute for their faith. Their faith must be shown by their good deeds, and at the same time these good deeds must reflect their faith. This statement is a paradox.

1. Why do you think this statement could be classified as a paradox?

2. What do you think Augustine means by the statement above?

Essay Topic 2

Though Augustine admits that he benefited from his studies of Latin and Greek literature, he resents how he was led astray morally by some of the stories. When he read of Zeus engaging in fornication and being powerful, it also made him want to do these deeds. So, already in boyhood, Augustine sees the struggle to form his moral judgment and not be led astray by popular stories or opinion.

1. Do you agree with Augustine's assertion about the influence the Greek and Latin literature had on his behavior? Why or why not?

2. In today's society there are people who assert that reading books about violent acts cause people to commit violent acts. Do you agree with this idea? Why or why not?

3. How do you think this idea of Augustine's about being led astray has influenced the justice system of the western world?

Essay Topic 3

Augustine compares the Trinity to these three things: existence, knowledge, and will. Augustine does this because he is a being that exists, and that both knows and wills.

1. What do you think Augustine means by existence, knowledge and will?

2. Do you agree with Augustine that he can know what the Trinity is because he has existence, knowledge, and will? Why or why not?

3. Do you think only humans have existence, knowledge, and will or do animals? Explain your reasoning.

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