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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do men receive reflected wisdom from God?
(a) By thinking about the words in the bible.
(b) By meditation.
(c) By the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.
(d) By saying a mantra over and over.

2. How does God create sky, water and earth?
(a) From molecules of form that he rearranges.
(b) From thought.
(c) From formless matter.
(d) From the formless part of self.

3. What does Simplicianus tell Augustine Victorinus does before his recent passing?
(a) Converts to the Manichean sect.
(b) Converted to Christianity.
(c) Prophesizes that Augustine will be a lion of God.
(d) Prophesizes that Augustine will die in sin.

4. What does Augustine think would happen if there was really a kingdom of light versus a kingdom of darkness?
(a) The darkness would cover up the light and there would therefore be no light.
(b) They would cancel each other out and there would be nothing.
(c) God would destroy the kingdom of darkness.
(d) The light would outshine the dark and there could then be no dark.

5. How does Augustine define formlessness?
(a) As everything.
(b) As ineffable.
(c) As close to nothing, but capable of receiving form.
(d) As substance to be wrought by the thought of God.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one definition of evil?

2. What question does Augustine ask?

3. With what word in the scriptures is Augustine particularly fascinated?

4. What does the faithful begin doing under the guidance of Ambrose?

5. What does Augustine say is wrong about the existence of God in time?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Augustine say about the past, future and present?

2. What is the story Augustine hears from Ponticianus and what does the story do to Augustine?

3. What does Augustine think about the Manicheans and why is he angry at them?

4. What does Augustine say about his mother's upbringing and some of her behaviors as a married woman?

5. Why does Augustine feel a sort of schizophrenia?

6. How does Augustine see evil?

7. What does Augustine say about music and pleasure?

8. What does Augustine decide to do by the end of Book VII and how does his mother feel about his decision?

9. What does Augustine decide to do at the beginning of Book IX? How does he do it?

10. How does Augustine describe wisdom?

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