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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the faithful begin doing under the guidance of Ambrose?
(a) Singing hymns in order to maintain their strength while protecting the church.
(b) Trying to convert servants in the palace to maybe reach Justina eventually.
(c) Preaching to the ends of the earth.
(d) Baptizing all who want to be, even Jews.

2. What phrase does Augustine use as an example of different interpretations?
(a) "The word was God."
(b) "Nothing that was made."
(c) "In the beginning."
(d) "The word became God."

3. What does Augustine want to measure?
(a) Time and non-time.
(b) Length and breadth.
(c) Time and breadth.
(d) Time and length.

4. How does Augustine define formlessness?
(a) As ineffable.
(b) As everything.
(c) As substance to be wrought by the thought of God.
(d) As close to nothing, but capable of receiving form.

5. What story does Augustine learn from a man named Firminus?
(a) Of how Jesus used the stars to predict events.
(b) About the son of a rich man and the son of a slave are born at almost the exact same time, and under the same stars.
(c) Of the fact that twins always have the same fates.
(d) Of a time when astrology really was accurate.

6. How can memory make you unhappy?
(a) Thinking about what might have been.
(b) By remembering something in the past which disgusts you now.
(c) Not letting go of the negative emotion with a memory.
(d) Remembering the slights of others and feeling resentful.

7. As time goes on, what happens to the future?
(a) It recedes into non-existence.
(b) It was never real so nothing happens to it.
(c) It moves farther into the future.
(d) The future passes the point of the present, and is consumed, becoming the past.

8. Of what is Augustine reassured?
(a) That God is just waiting on him.
(b) That he does not have to give up his philosophical and scientific inquiries.
(c) That Jesus loves him.
(d) That the end does indeed justify the means.

9. To what does Augustine compare the recitation of a psalm?
(a) Hope spoken.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The song of creation.
(d) The passing of one human life or all of human history.

10. What does Augustine say is wrong about the existence of God in time?
(a) It is wrong to say that time could have existed before God's creation of the heaven and the earth.
(b) That God even exists in time.
(c) That time is real to even compare it to God's existence.
(d) That time is a creation of God.

11. What tempts Augustine in this part of his life?
(a) Women.
(b) Vanity.
(c) Drink.
(d) Music.

12. What does Augustine begin to understand from studying the books in question 104?
(a) That God does not look at an evil man.
(b) That corruption is a result of poor choices.
(c) That evil is a result of ignorance and corruption of the good.
(d) That evil cannot pass through the veil

13. What does Augustine warn will happen if we move away from God's responsibility for the creation?
(a) We assume responsibility ourselves for creation.
(b) We are moving away from reality, since God is the creator of all things.
(c) We then hand over responsibility for creation to Lucifer.
(d) We imply creation is an illusion.

14. What differs for each individual and even at different periods of a person's life?
(a) The happy life.
(b) Faith.
(c) Memory.
(d) God.

15. What is an argument that Augustine learns from his friend Nebridius?
(a) If the darkness could harm God, he wouldn't be the Almighty God.
(b) That evil is only the imagination of man.
(c) That light is all that is and therefore dark is nothing.
(d) That evil is created to draw man to God.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Augustine reject astrology?

2. What is Augustine's new life?

3. What does the mind retain in memory?

4. What is one definition of evil?

5. From what does Augustine decide to withdraw?

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