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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book XIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what is Augustine preoccupied?
(a) Learning languages.
(b) Becoming holy.
(c) Drama both on stage and in real life.
(d) Taking a trip to the Holy Lands.

2. What happens when men act wickedly?
(a) They do damage to their own soul.
(b) They are punished either now or later.
(c) They enjoy evil passions.
(d) They chose their will and not God's.

3. How is the covering of Adam and Eve by God a metaphor for something else?
(a) As God clothed Adam and Eve, so does darkness cover light.
(b) As God clothed Adam and Eve, so does the heavens cover the earth.
(c) As God clothed Adam and Eve, so does light cover darkness.
(d) As God clothed Adam and Eve, the Scriptures stretch over man like a covering.

4. With what is Augustine in love?
(a) With being in love.
(b) With violence.
(c) With vice.
(d) With himself.

5. Why is Augustine unable to believe in Jesus?
(a) He thinks Jesus wasn't a real person.
(b) He thinks Christ would be defiled by being born of the Virgin Mary.
(c) He thinks it is impossible for God to be also human.
(d) He thinks Jesus is too good to be true.

Short Answer Questions

1. What interests Augustine more than higher goals or values?

2. On what does Augustine eventually blame his actions?

3. What does Augustine struggle to learn in school?

4. What is a flaw in the book in number 70?

5. Why can there be more than one interpretation of a piece of scripture?

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