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Tagaste, North Africa

This is the place of Augustine's birth and growing up.

Madaura, North Africa

This is where Augustine went to school.

Carthage, North Africa

This is a large city where Augustine teaches literature and rhetoric.

Rome, Italy

This is the capital of the decaying Roman Empire. Augustine goes here to teach and has difficulty with students.

Milan, Italy

This is a northern Italian city where Augustine goes to get a better teaching position. It is here that he converts to Christianity.


This is the location of the estate of Verecundus, outside Milan, where Augustine and his companions spend their time after their decision to devote their lives to God.

Vintage Holiday

This is the summer holiday at school. Augustine uses this break to end his teaching career.

Church in Milan

This church is the one in which Bishop Ambrose is the minister.

Books of Manes

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