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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much time does Zeno say he spent with his father before his death?
(a) As much as possible.
(b) None.
(c) Little.
(d) Daily.

2. Where was Zeno when his father died?
(a) At school.
(b) With a friend.
(c) With his father.
(d) With his mother.

3. Why does Zeno say he visited a doctor who used electricity to cure diseases?
(a) He thought electricity could cure his insomnia.
(b) He hoped the doctor would treat his lack of stomach acids.
(c) He hoped the doctor would discover that the nicotine was poisoning his blood.
(d) He wanted a cure for his troubles with women.

4. On the day of his wedding, who arrived and stimulated Zeno to leave and go to the ceremony?
(a) Aunt Rosina.
(b) Guido.
(c) Giovanni.
(d) His future mother-in-law.

5. Why did Zeno become agitated in the sanatorium?
(a) He suspected that he wife was having an affair with Dr. Muli.
(b) He didn't get his last cigarette.
(c) He was attracted to the person who was left to guard him.
(d) He had nicotine withdrawal.

6. How does Zeno say he came to steal?
(a) He stole cigarettes from a store.
(b) He stole money for cigarettes.
(c) He stole cigarettes from his mother.
(d) He stole cigarettes from his brother.

7. What was Guido teaching the family when Zeno professed his love for Ada?
(a) Table turning.
(b) Card tricks.
(c) Fortune telling.
(d) Charades.

8. What did Zeno's father do right before he died?
(a) He asked to see Zeno's mother.
(b) He said he was frightened.
(c) He struck Zeno.
(d) He ate his favorite meal.

9. According to Zeno, what was the most important event of his life?
(a) His father's death.
(b) His wedding.
(c) His graduation from law school.
(d) His son's birth.

10. Why is Zeno keeping a journal?
(a) To analyze his love for wine.
(b) To become a published writer.
(c) To analyze his weakness for smoking.
(d) To confess about bad habits.

11. What condition did Zeno think his father had?
(a) Cancer.
(b) Tuberculosis.
(c) Cerebral hemorrhage.
(d) Consumption.

12. What does Zeno say he would do if he was born again?
(a) Stay away from Guido.
(b) Marry his wife again.
(c) Avoid Giovanni.
(d) Avoid cigarettes.

13. What did Zeno's relatives reveal about his father?
(a) He was a gambler.
(b) He knew Zeno's secret.
(c) He may have been unfaithful.
(d) He drank too much.

14. ______________was sent to get the doctor when Zeno's father became ill.
(a) The gardener.
(b) Maria.
(c) A neighbor.
(d) Zeno.

15. What did Guido do better than Zeno?
(a) Played the cello.
(b) Worked.
(c) Played the violin.
(d) Gambled.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Zeno say was left to guard him in the sanatorium?

2. How does Zeno describe his relationship with his father?

3. What was Zeno's nickname for his father when he was in college?

4. Whom did Zeno ask to marry him next when Ada refused?

5. How does Zeno think his father felt about Zeno's future?

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