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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Wife and Mistress.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What idea did Zeno's wife have for helping him to quit smoking?
(a) She offered to hide his cigarettes.
(b) She suggested that he go into a sanatorium.
(c) She suggested that he gradually cut back on his cigarette smoking.
(d) She suggested a nicotine pill.

2. ______________was sent to get the doctor when Zeno's father became ill.
(a) A neighbor.
(b) Zeno.
(c) The gardener.
(d) Maria.

3. A doctor asked Zeno's father to return for a follow-up visit after a few weeks. Why didn't his father go back to the doctor?
(a) He felt better.
(b) He said the doctor's fees were astronomical.
(c) He said doctors and grave diggers were equally odious.
(d) He believed the doctor was incompetent.

4. How did Augusta react when Zeno accidentally told her he loved Ada?
(a) She cried uncontrollably.
(b) She slapped him.
(c) She ran away.
(d) She promised not to tell anyone.

5. What phrase does Zeno use to describe Dr. Muli?
(a) Of uncertain age.
(b) Aggressively cheerful.
(c) Lean but strong.
(d) The picture of elegance.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Zeno say he felt after a session of childhood smoking?

2. What did the doctor say when Zeno asked him whether there was any hope?

3. What did Zeno worry that Carla would want from him?

4. How many cigarettes did Zeno take to the sanatorium?

5. What does Zeno say one never talks about after getting married?

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