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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Wife and Mistress.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who discovered that Zeno's father was having health distress?
(a) Olivi.
(b) Zeno,
(c) Dr. Muli
(d) Maria.

2. Why did Zeno become agitated in the sanatorium?
(a) He didn't get his last cigarette.
(b) He suspected that he wife was having an affair with Dr. Muli.
(c) He had nicotine withdrawal.
(d) He was attracted to the person who was left to guard him.

3. What was Zeno's nickname for his father when he was in college?
(a) Tight Wad.
(b) Old Iron Fist.
(c) Old Silva Free Fist.
(d) Old Goat.

4. What did Zeno tell himself he was going to do when he visited Carla for the third time?
(a) Confess his love for his wife.
(b) Make love to her.
(c) Kiss her.
(d) Give her up.

5. How much time does Zeno say he spent with his father before his death?
(a) As much as possible.
(b) None.
(c) Little.
(d) Daily.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn't Copler learn of the relationship between Carla and Zeno?

2. What was the state of Carla's virtue before Zeno's affair with her?

3. What idea did Zeno's wife have for helping him to quit smoking?

4. What did the doctor say when Zeno asked him whether there was any hope?

5. What did Zeno worry that Carla would want from him?

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