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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Wife and Mistress.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the main character of this book?
(a) Dr. Muli.
(b) Zeno.
(c) Dr. Hahn.
(d) Giuseppe.

2. What does Zeno say he would do if he was born again?
(a) Marry his wife again.
(b) Avoid Giovanni.
(c) Avoid cigarettes.
(d) Stay away from Guido.

3. How does Zeno describe his father's death?
(a) An abyss of regret.
(b) Surprisingly peaceful.
(c) A robber of joy.
(d) An unimaginable catastrophe.

4. In Chapter 4, what startling discovery did Zeno say he made?
(a) He loved Augusta as much as she loved him.
(b) Alberta met a man she wanted to marry.
(c) He was unsuited to marriage.
(d) Ada secretly loved him.

5. What did Guido do better than Zeno?
(a) Gambled.
(b) Worked.
(c) Played the cello.
(d) Played the violin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose idea was it to get the doctor when Zeno's father became ill?

2. What did Zeno shout in his father's ear when he died?

3. What was Guido teaching the family when Zeno professed his love for Ada?

4. How many times does Zeno say Giovanni cheated him?

5. Why did Carla end the affair with Zeno?

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