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Lesson 1 (from Preamble and Chapter 1, Smoke)


Preamble and Chapter 1, Smoke

The doctor introduces the book by explaining why he asked Zeno to write his autobiography. He writes that psychoanalysis may help Zeno to prepare for treatment. This lesson will examine the potential pros and cons of Zeno's psychoanalysis.


1) Class Discussion: Discuss Zeno's psychoanalysis as a class. Do you think this will be an effective treatment for Zeno? Does he seem excited about it? The doctor says Zeno gives up his treatment at the most interesting point. What do you think that means? Why might he stop his treatment at the most interesting point? What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of psychoanalysis will be for Zeno?

2) Debate: Divide the class into two groups. Have one side support psychoanalysis as effective for treating Zeno's smoking habit, and have the other side argue that it will fail. Include time for students to...

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