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Preamble and Chapter 1, Smoke

• In the preface, the doctor explained why he asked Zeno to write his autobiography, saying he thought it would help Zeno prepare for treatment.

• Zeno begins writing his journal and has trouble at first. Eventually, the words begin to flow.

• Zeno remembers his first cigarette, which he received from a friend.

• Zeno developed a love/hate relationship with smoking.

• In Chapter 1, Zeno recalled several events marked by failed attempts to quit, including switching his majors in college.

• Zeno agreed to be locked in a sanatorium in order to quit smoking, but this attempt failed.

Chapter 2, My Father's Death

• Zeno's relationship with his father, Silva, was strained as the two didn't see eye to eye and spent very little time together.

• In Chapter 2, Zeno says he saw his father as weak and ineffective

• Silva became ill and slowly died, without being aware of his illness...

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