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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Benjamin die?
(a) He fell off a horse and broke his neck.
(b) A tree crushed him.
(c) He got lost and died in the forest.
(d) He drowned in the swamp.

2. On Marse Samuel's plantation, how were the slaves awoken in the morning?
(a) By Nat running through the slave cabins waking everyone.
(b) By Abraham's trumpet call.
(c) By the foreman.
(d) By a triangle being rung at the Big House.

3. After Benjamin died, who inherited the plantation?
(a) Miss Nell.
(b) Miss Elizabeth.
(c) Samuel Turner.
(d) Lewis Turner.

4. What did Marse Samuel state he couldn't advocate freeing saves without?
(a) Education.
(b) Paying jobs.
(c) Money to live on.
(d) Prejudice.

5. Benjamin said that saves were as unteachable as a what?
(a) Brain-damaged child.
(b) Deaf and dumb child.
(c) Hog.
(d) Chicken.

Short Answer Questions

1. Nat's father "ran off" from the Turner household. Why?

2. Which of Nat's followers was deaf?

3. When Hark and Nat go to town on market day, what happens?

4. What does Nat do for the first time the Saturday he and Hark are at market?

5. Benjamin stated that he, too, would like to do away with slavery. What did he say might take the places of the slaves?

Short Essay Questions

1. As the book progresses, the descriptions of white slave owners grow worse and worse, until we reach Nathaniel Francis, introduced in Part 3. Why did Styron make each owner he described, whether the owner of Nat or other slaves, an uglier, meaner character than the one before?

2. The story of Hark's escape and eventual return takes up a large section of Part 3. Why might Styron have devoted so much time to this story? What was he trying to show? What do readers learn from Nat's telling of the story?

3. In Part 2, Nat describes two events: "one causing me the bitterest anguish, the other premonitions of joy." What were these two events, and why might they have been told together?

4. Why might Part 3 be titled "Study War"? Is it appropriate?

5. After Nat's fast in Part 3, he said there were two events that helped him interpret his vision of the fighting angels as a mandate to kill whites. What were those two events?

6. After Nathaniel Francis forces Will and Sam to fight, Nat feels called to preach for the first time. Why do you think that was the event that brought Nat out in public as a preacher? Quote at least one reason from the book.

7. Nat equates Isham to John the Baptist. Nat speaks of a warning after the incident with Isham. Is this related?

8. In Part 3, when Nat is owned by Thomas Moore, he says that he fell into the kind of save work that he had believed before could "not ever become my lot, not in a thousand lifetimes." Yet now it had become his lot. How did Nat react to that? How does this turning point relate to his earlier childhood and education, as well as his eventual killing spree?

9. Early in Part 2, the traveling salesman asks Nat to spell a word. This is the second time in the book that a spelling request has frightened Nat. What are some of the reasons Nat gives for his terror?

10. After Nat describes his ideas about his grandmother, he switches to describing what he knows about his father--mainly that he ran away, and, at least in Nat's mind, is free now. How does Nat's description of his grandmother differ from his description of his father?

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