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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gray feel that Nat's rebellion will further the cause of?
(a) Abolition.
(b) Anti-abolition.
(c) Voting rights for blacks.
(d) Easing restrictions on blacks.

2. Who is Jeremiah Cobb?
(a) A white man who survived by hiding from the slaves.
(b) A neighbor of Joseph Travis, Nat's master.
(c) A saloon keeper.
(d) The judge at Nat's trial.

3. What is the nickname T. R. Gray gives to Nat in the "To the Public" section of the book?
(a) Black Bandit.
(b) Powerful Slave.
(c) Insane Instigator.
(d) Great Bandit.

4. Nat describes black slaves as being docile, yet filled with ______.
(a) Revenge.
(b) Fury.
(c) Pain.
(d) Fear .

5. What does Gray think should have led the band of slaves to greater efforts?
(a) Fear.
(b) Desperation.
(c) Anger.
(d) Hope.

6. Nat tells Gray of an event that "laid the groundwork" for his later actions, including the insurrection. What was that event?
(a) Being sold to a new master.
(b) Wanting to train for the priesthood.
(c) Stealing small items with a group of childhood friends.
(d) As a child, relating events that had happened before his birth.

7. What moniker did Gray assign to Nat Turner?
(a) The "unrepentant runaway."
(b) The "great Bandit."
(c) The "ferocious captive."
(d) The "elusive Fox."

8. What does Gray tell Nat about the Bible, when he cannot bring one to Nat?
(a) It is better left alone.
(b) It is not ment for Nat.
(c) It is evil.
(d) It is a waste of time.

9. How many of the slaves escaped the insurrection without punishment?
(a) Seven.
(b) Two.
(c) Only one.
(d) None.

10. Hank claimed to be able to tell good white people from bad by:
(a) Their smell.
(b) The look in their eyes.
(c) What they said.
(d) How loudly they spoke.

11. According to Gray, what excuse did Nat give for his participation in the rebellion?
(a) Because his friends told him to.
(b) Because he wanted to be free.
(c) None.
(d) Because he was angry.

12. Cobb uses a word to describe the children of slaves. What is that word?
(a) Terrormongers.
(b) Babies.
(c) Ankle biters.
(d) Pickaninnies.

13. In the Introduction, what two methods did Gray say were used by the slaves to attempt to find safety?
(a) Concealment or returning home.
(b) Begging for mercy or hiding on another plantation.
(c) Poling down the river or hiding on a boat.
(d) Running away or swimming.

14. When Gray speaks of understanding Nat's mind, what does he say about it?
(a) Nat was trying to grapple with things beyond his mind's reach.
(b) Nat had sociopathic tendencies and would have killed more people if he hadn't been caught.
(c) Nat had a mental condition and couldn't understand what he was doing.
(d) Nat's mind snapped at the thought of being sold again.

15. Turner says he submits Nat's "own account of the conspiracy" to the public ____________.
(a) "As it was dictated to me."
(b) "For posterity."
(c) "Without comment."
(d) "For you to judge."

Short Answer Questions

1. What warning, if any, was given for the insurrection?

2. Who is Gray?

3. What does Nat remember during Gray's speech to the court?

4. According to Nat's statements, the insurrection was ______.

5. In the introduction, what does Gray state Nat's mind "first became"?

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