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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gray say was the "only principle of restraint" for the band of slaves?
(a) Fear of being caught.
(b) Apprehension for their personal safety.
(c) Worry that the alarm would be raised too soon.
(d) Fear of taking too much time, impeding their escape to the north.

2. While in jail, about how many blacks does Hark say were killed while Nat hid?
(a) Two hundred.
(b) One hundred.
(c) One hundred fifty.
(d) Fifty.

3. Why does Gray say he published the Confessions?
(a) In order to set the record straight.
(b) For the gratification of public curiosity.
(c) For punishment of the guilty.
(d) To include them in his memoirs.

4. What does Gray tell Nat about the Bible, when he cannot bring one to Nat?
(a) It is a waste of time.
(b) It is not ment for Nat.
(c) It is better left alone.
(d) It is evil.

5. Who finds Nat and captures him?
(a) Benjamin Armstrong.
(b) Benjamin Pepper.
(c) Benjamin Phipps.
(d) Benjamin Phelps.

6. Hank claimed to be able to tell good white people from bad by:
(a) What they said.
(b) The look in their eyes.
(c) Their smell.
(d) How loudly they spoke.

7. What does Nat remember during Gray's speech to the court?
(a) Hearing God order him to kill.
(b) The twenty-third Psalm.
(c) A stern lecture from his master.
(d) A song Miss Margaret wrote.

8. Turner says he submits Nat's "own account of the conspiracy" to the public ____________.
(a) "Without comment."
(b) "For you to judge."
(c) "For posterity."
(d) "As it was dictated to me."

9. Who is Gray?
(a) The Mayor.
(b) A friend of Nat's late master.
(c) An attorney.
(d) A friend of Nat's .

10. According to Nat's confession, he had originally intended the rebellion to begin on what day?
(a) July 1st.
(b) July 4th.
(c) His master's birthday.
(d) His birthday.

11. What is the name of the town Nat can see from his jail cell window?
(a) Fredericksburg.
(b) Richmond.
(c) Savannah.
(d) Jerusalem.

12. Nat tells Gray of an event that "laid the groundwork" for his later actions, including the insurrection. What was that event?
(a) Stealing small items with a group of childhood friends.
(b) Wanting to train for the priesthood.
(c) Being sold to a new master.
(d) As a child, relating events that had happened before his birth.

13. According to Nat's statements, the insurrection was ______.
(a) Confined to two counties.
(b) Spread across twelve miles.
(c) Confined to five farms.
(d) Local.

14. According to Gray, how many slave uprisings had there been in the area prior to Nat Turner's?
(a) Nat's rebellion was the first.
(b) There had been one prior rebellion, also put down.
(c) There had been three prior rebellions.
(d) There had been two prior rebellions.

15. What is Nat going to be tried for?
(a) A misdemeanor.
(b) Theft.
(c) Disturbance of the Peace.
(d) A felony.

Short Answer Questions

1. While in church with Hark, Nat makes plans to gather with other blacks where?

2. In Part One, Nat tells Gray that the Lord told him to confess so that "all nations will know." What was the other reason the Lord gave Nat for confessing?

3. According to Nat's confession, how many people did he kill?

4. According to Gray's "Introduction" people in the Southampton area were __________.:

5. What is an insurrection?

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