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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gray think should have led the band of slaves to greater efforts?
(a) Hope.
(b) Desperation.
(c) Anger.
(d) Fear.

2. Who is the last slave captured who participated in the rebellion?
(a) Nat.
(b) Sam.
(c) Nelson.
(d) Hark.

3. Nat orders that his recruits do what when he arrives?
(a) Recite the 23rd Psalm.
(b) Maintain silence.
(c) Bow their heads .
(d) Rise.

4. What type of bird does Nat watch from his hiding place immediately after stealing the book?
(a) Eagles.
(b) Crows.
(c) Robins.
(d) Buzzards.

5. What is Nat going to be tried for?
(a) A felony.
(b) A misdemeanor.
(c) Theft.
(d) Disturbance of the Peace.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Nat says his final prayer before beginning the insurrection, what does he do?

2. Nat took four slaves to be hired out to Vaughan's for two weeks. When Nat met the men at the trace, what happened?

3. Nat sees something on the way back from Jerusalem that has a big effect on him. What is it?

4. What does Nat see as a good omen right before he returns to the farm from his "sanctuary" after revealing his plans to his core group of followers?

5. In Part One, Nat tells Gray that the Lord told him to confess so that "all nations will know." What was the other reason the Lord gave Nat for confessing?

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