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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What three adjectives does Gray use to describe Nat Turner's mind?
(a) Dark, bewildered, and overwrought.
(b) Evil, thoughtless, and cruel.
(c) Distraught, feverish, and plotting.
(d) Excited, devious, and mischievous.

2. What was Nat's rebellion not motivated by?
(a) Frustration or desperation.
(b) Anger or hate.
(c) Confusion or hopelessness.
(d) Revenge or sudden anger.

3. What does Gray say was the "only principle of restraint" for the band of slaves?
(a) Fear of being caught.
(b) Fear of taking too much time, impeding their escape to the north.
(c) Worry that the alarm would be raised too soon.
(d) Apprehension for their personal safety.

4. Who gives T. R. Gray permission to talk to Nat in jail?
(a) Jeremiah Cobb.
(b) Nat's jailer.
(c) The preacher.
(d) Nat's master.

5. What is an insurrection?
(a) A peace march.
(b) An uprising.
(c) An agreement.
(d) A fight.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Gray speaks of understanding Nat's mind, what does he say about it?

2. How many of the slaves escaped the insurrection without punishment?

3. Southampton is located in what state?

4. In the introduction, what does Gray state Nat's mind "first became"?

5. How does Gray say Nat will be punished?

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