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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gray say he published the Confessions?
(a) For the gratification of public curiosity.
(b) In order to set the record straight.
(c) To include them in his memoirs.
(d) For punishment of the guilty.

2. While in church with Hark, Nat makes plans to gather with other blacks where?
(a) At the graveyard.
(b) Behind the general store.
(c) In the alley next to the courthouse.
(d) Near the creek behind the church.

3. According to Gray's "Introduction" people in the Southampton area were __________.:
(a) "Afraid for their lives" from the slaves.
(b) "Greatly excited" about the uprising.
(c) "Very worried" about the insurrection.
(d) "Harbored sinister suspicions" regarding future uprisings.

4. What weapon does Nat carry?
(a) A sword.
(b) A shotgun.
(c) A knife.
(d) A bow and arrow.

5. According to Gray, how many slave uprisings had there been in the area prior to Nat Turner's?
(a) There had been one prior rebellion, also put down.
(b) Nat's rebellion was the first.
(c) There had been two prior rebellions.
(d) There had been three prior rebellions.

Short Answer Questions

1. Nat describes black slaves as being docile, yet filled with ______.

2. Where is Nat found to be hiding?

3. What happened to Hark's wife and son?

4. What was Nat's rebellion not motivated by?

5. What is the nickname T. R. Gray gives to Nat in the "To the Public" section of the book?

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