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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part One, Nat tells Gray that the Lord told him to confess so that "all nations will know." What was the other reason the Lord gave Nat for confessing?
(a) That the pure shall know repentance.
(b) That thy life shall be spared.
(c) That thy acts will be known to all men.
(d) That thy truth shall be known.

2. What do the Negroes in church use to fan themselves?
(a) Thin, pine-bark shingles.
(b) Folded pieces of paper.
(c) Pine boughs.
(d) Starched, ironed pieces of cloth.

3. In the Introduction, what two methods did Gray say were used by the slaves to attempt to find safety?
(a) Poling down the river or hiding on a boat.
(b) Running away or swimming.
(c) Begging for mercy or hiding on another plantation.
(d) Concealment or returning home.

4. Who finds Nat and captures him?
(a) Benjamin Phipps.
(b) Benjamin Phelps.
(c) Benjamin Armstrong.
(d) Benjamin Pepper.

5. In Part 1, how does Gray refer to Nat?
(a) As a man among men.
(b) As a victim.
(c) As animate chattel.
(d) As a thing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Marse Sam and the traveling salesman go out to the veranda?

2. While in church with Hark, Nat makes plans to gather with other blacks where?

3. After dinner, what does Miss Nell do?

4. Who is the last slave captured who participated in the rebellion?

5. Who eventually catches Nat with the stolen book?

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