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Paris Hilton
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Paris feel about co-starring in "The Simple Life," when first approached by the Fox Network?
(a) Excited.
(b) Skeptical.
(c) Worried.
(d) Surprised.

2. What is a Paris Don't?
(a) Wearing heels with jeans.
(b) Wearing sunglasses at night.
(c) Wearing white after Labor Day.
(d) Saying she is sorry.

3. What does the press assume about what she has done?
(a) Grew her hair out really quickly.
(b) Grew longer legs.
(c) Brushed her teeth a lot.
(d) Just completed breast enhancement surgery.

4. Describe Paris' parents.
(a) Laid-back.
(b) Gone all the time.
(c) Strict.
(d) Uncaring.

5. What kind of girl does Paris believe that it is okay to be?
(a) An "over-the-top girlie."
(b) A "shy girlie."
(c) An "irritating girlie."
(d) An "uptight girlie."

Short Answer Questions

1. What is acceptable to do to a boy?

2. Why should girls act this way?

3. What was one of the girls' jobs?

4. What did she think would be fun about the show?

5. What is another Paris Don't?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Paris think about "The Simple Life," initially?

2. What does Paris wear to the premiere of "Blow?" Why does she wear this? What are her thoughts about it?

3. How does Paris think a girl should act around men?

4. Who is Tinkerbell? Describe Tinkerbell.

5. Describe Paris' lineage.

6. What does Paris include in this chapter?

7. How has Paris changed as she has grown older?

8. What does Paris say about a well-endowed picture of herself?

9. Overall, what does Paris think about her life?

10. Name two ways that Paris relaxes.

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