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Paris Hilton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paris include in her perfected "look?"
(a) Blond hair, shimmery lipstick, and a push-up bra.
(b) Tan legs, lots of eye makeup, and bright pink lipstick.
(c) Bronze skin, pink lips, and blonde hair.
(d) Skinny arms and legs, face eyelashes, and hair extensions.

2. Why do Paris and Nicky often wear black wigs when shopping?
(a) Black wigs keep the sun off their expensive tresses.
(b) They like black wigs.
(c) To keep fans from recognizing them.
(d) Black wigs are fashionable.

3. What is always there to keep an heiress from feeling insecure or bored?
(a) People who want to be liked by you.
(b) Attractive people.
(c) Photographers.
(d) Shopping and traveling.

4. Who is one of Paris' close and famous friends?
(a) Nicole Richie.
(b) Jessica Simpson.
(c) Hillary Duff.
(d) Mandy Moore.

5. Why does Paris never mind when others make fun of her image?
(a) She does not understand their jokes.
(b) She does not realize they are making fun of her.
(c) She can make fun of herself.
(d) She has low self-esteem.

6. She does not take herself too seriously, but instead takes who seriously?
(a) Her family, her dog (Tinkerbell), and her work.
(b) Other celebrities.
(c) Designers.
(d) Normal people.

7. Why does Paris not like using tanning beds?
(a) She fears getting skin cancer.
(b) They are expensive.
(c) They are dirty.
(d) They are too hot.

8. Of what does Paris have many in the works?
(a) Books.
(b) Modelling contracts.
(c) Records.
(d) Projects.

9. When was Paris first approached by modeling agents?
(a) When she was twelve.
(b) When she was five.
(c) When she was sixteen.
(d) When she was twenty.

10. What has Nicky done to stand apart from Paris?
(a) She has dyed her hair brown.
(b) She has become friends with every-day citizens.
(c) She does not wear expensive clothes.
(d) She has had a nose job.

11. What is one of her activities?
(a) Quilting.
(b) Singing.
(c) Farming.
(d) Sewing.

12. What is another one of Paris' least favorite places?
(a) The Hamptons.
(b) Long Beach.
(c) Alaska.
(d) Texas.

13. What does Paris feel about herself and her sister, Nicky?
(a) They are very similar.
(b) They are very different.
(c) They are not really sisters.
(d) They do not get along.

14. What does in mean to be an heiress?
(a) It means being fashionable.
(b) It means being in charge.
(c) It means being mean.
(d) It means being beautiful.

15. In what television show has she appeared?
(a) One Tree Hill.
(b) Gossip Girl.
(c) George Lopez.
(d) 90210.

Short Answer Questions

1. What film festival parties does Paris like?

2. Into what would Paris love to branch out?

3. When should you pack this much luggage?

4. What does she drink to relax?

5. What is one wardrobe suggestion Paris gives?

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