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Paris Hilton
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what kind of movie was her first big acting role?
(a) A drama.
(b) A horror movie.
(c) A romantic comedy.
(d) A comedy.

2. What are Paris' two "main" heiress rules?
(a) Do not be ugly and do not be unfashionable.
(b) Be mean and boss others around.
(c) Do not be greedy and do not be sad.
(d) Do not be needy and do not be too serious.

3. Because of these activities, what has happened to both Nicky and Paris?
(a) They are known to be annoying.
(b) They have grown apart.
(c) They do not like each other.
(d) They have become very well known.

4. Why does Paris believe an heiress should always have good hair?
(a) When one is wealthy, one must spend a great deal of money on oneself.
(b) Good hair is a sign of wealth.
(c) An heiress is teased a lot.
(d) An heiress is photographed often.

5. What places does this list include?
(a) Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and of course, Paris.
(b) South Africa, New Zealand, and Trinidad.
(c) Japan, Australia, Las Vegas, and of course, Paris.
(d) Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

6. What does Paris say is the way to always keep people wondering?
(a) Smile all the time and say as little as possible.
(b) Say odd things to the press.
(c) Take strange photos and have them published.
(d) Be an artists.

7. Why does Paris write this book?
(a) She wants to become even more famous.
(b) In order to give an honest view of who she really is.
(c) Her publicist told her it would make her a lot of money.
(d) She has always loved to write books.

8. Where else did Paris have a cameo?
(a) Raising the Bar.
(b) Who is Helen.
(c) Raising Helen.
(d) CSI Miami.

9. For what other company is Paris also the front model?
(a) The Guess? clothing line.
(b) Tim Gunn.
(c) American Apparel.
(d) Gap.

10. What does Paris recommend when doing this?
(a) Hire someone to organize the party.
(b) Have a dark room.
(c) Make sure people are around to hear you complain.
(d) Learn to borrow a plane if you do not have one.

11. What does she feel about modeling for these companies?
(a) She does not believe she deserves it.
(b) She is tired of modelling for them.
(c) She considers these to be incredible honors.
(d) She is so surprised they hired her.

12. What does Paris prefer to drink?
(a) Energy drinks and vitamin water.
(b) Water and tea.
(c) Energy drinks and soda.
(d) Coffee and hot cocoa.

13. When does Paris like to model?
(a) Only for specific designers.
(b) All the time.
(c) Only on a part-time basis.
(d) When she can make a lot of money.

14. What power does one's ability to make fun of oneself have?
(a) It takes away others' power to make fun of you first.
(b) It makes others laugh.
(c) It helps one relax.
(d) It encourages others to make fun of you.

15. How many of Paris' favorite places does she list?
(a) Ten.
(b) Five.
(c) Thirteen.
(d) Twenty.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Paris refuse to ride in this?

2. How does Paris like to pass the time when flying?

3. What does Paris reveal that she rarely consumes?

4. Who is another close and famous friend of Paris?

5. What does Paris feel about her and Nicky's tastes now?

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