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Paris Hilton
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This place is found in Manhattan, and it features three restaurants, a beauty parlor, and several boutiques.

Bel Air

This is a suburb of Beverly Hills and is home to many famous entertainers and politicians.

The Simple Life

The first season of the show took two wealthy socialites (Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie) and had them move in with a family in a rural farming community and help work the farm for one month. The show was a success.

Golden Globes

This is an annual awards dinner acknowledging motion pictures and television programs.

Academy Awards

These are considered the most prestigious awards given to motion pictures. The ceremony and many of the after-event parties are reported on worldwide.


This is a suburb of Los Angeles. This term also refers to the motion picture industry, as many movie studios once resided here.

Ugg-style Boots

Made in Australia...

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