Confessions of an Heiress Fun Activities

Paris Hilton
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My Favorite Celebrity

Choose your favorite celebrity and create a five-minute presentation for your classmates, sharing information about your idol.

Portrait of Paris

Choose a medium of your choice, and create a portrait of Paris that reveals aspects of her life and personality.

If I Were An Heiress (Heir)...

Write a poem with the title "If I Were An Heiress (Heir)." You may use any style of poetry to create your unique piece of writing.


Research Hollywood, CA today. What is significant about it? What purpose does it serve? Who lives there? Who works there?

Lights! Camera! Action! Part 1

Create your own reality television show with a small group of classmates. Write a idea for your show and decide who will have what responsibilities for creating your show.

Lights! Camera! Action! Part 2

Film your reality television show.

Lights! Camera! Action! Part 3

Edit your reality television show.

Reality Show Premiere

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