Confessions of an Heiress Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Paris Hilton
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Essay Topic 1

Paris starts off her book with a "how to" guide on being an heiress.

Part 1) What are several of the steps Paris mentions? Why would she include each of these steps?

Part 2) What is the purpose of Paris' book? What are readers supposed to get out of it?

Part 3) What does this guide reveal about Paris and other young inheritors of wealth?

Essay Topic 2

Paris has a sense of entitlement as an heiress.

Part 1) Why does Paris feel entitled to something, because she is an heiress?

Part 2) Would most people who inherit their wealth also have a sense of entitlement? Why or why not?

Part 3) How is this sense of entitlement reflected in her personality? How might this affect how she interacts with others?

Essay Topic 3

Paris' relationship with her sister Nicky appears to be an important constant in her ever-changing world.

Part 1) Describe Paris' relationship...

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