Objects & Places from Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John Perkins
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A chain of Islands in the Pacific where Perkins' first project was located.


When Perkins arrived at this beautiful capital city, he saw lepers, young prostitutes, and filthy water.


This is a mountain city where Perkins worked with Parker and lived in a government house.


This is the government house where the the author's team resided.


This is the nation that was governed by Omar Torrijos.

Canal Zone

People that lived here used United States currency, only spoke English, and never mixed outside the walls.


This location is the key to the Middle East, as well as a strategic landmark and holder of natural resources. Its leader did not give in to the corporatocracy.


This is a company that competed for international projects. It is a company highly notorious for indebting countries.


The private consulting and engineering firm for which...

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