Confessions of a Shopaholic Fun Activities

Madeleine Wickham
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Succesful Saving

Use your graphic design skills to create the front cover of Rebecca's work magazine, Succesful Savings. Share your create with the class.


Write out your very own VISA bill. Make sure to include a formal letter of request for payment. The most convincing replica wins!

Designer Scarf

Use materials found around the classroom to create a drawing of Rebecca's scarf. Hang the drawings up in front of class. Pick the top five designs.

Trendy Fulham

Use the internet to research the neighborhood of Fulham. Write a short list of what makes Fulham a "trendy" place to live. Compare your list with the lists of other students in the class.

Eulogy for Aunt Ermintrude

Create a eulogy for Rebecca's fictitious Aunt Ermintrude. Make the piece as humorous or sober as you desire. Use the book as a basis for your writing.

Daily Expenses

Create a...

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