Confessions of a Shopaholic Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Madeleine Wickham
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Chapters 1-5

• The reader is introduced to Rebecca Bloomwood.

• Rebecca is a financial journalist at Successful Saving.

• Rebecca opens her VISA bill and is astonished by the amount listed.

• Denny and George hold a sale. Rebecca encounters her dream scarf and puts it on hold.
• Alicia is introduced to Rebecca by Luke Brandon.

• A press conference is held in Westminster which Rebecca attends.

• Luke loans Rebecca twenty quid because he thinks that she is buying a gift for her aunt.

• Rebecca buys her Denny and George scarf.
• The reader is introduced to Suze, Rebecca's flatmate.

• Suze and Rebecca gossip about James, Rebecca's ex.

• Rebecca buys lottery tickets and imagines what she would do with the money if she won.
• Rebecca visits her parents.

• Rebecca and her mum attend a craft fair.

• A sad looking craftsman sells Rebecca one of his bowls.
• Rebecca gives Janice and Martin financial advice...

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