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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the narrator spend his summer, prior to Omi's expulsion?

2. During what game do Omi and the narrator do battle?

3. When is the narrator given an opportunity to start a conversation with Yakumo, but doesn't?

4. Who reveals the identity of the figure in the photograph to the narrator?

5. At the school, who knows why Omi has been expelled?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the narrator feel he has cheated his way through life?

2. When Omi and the narrator lock eyes during a game of "King of the Hill," what does the narrator imagine has taken place?

3. What sickness does the narrator suffer from and how does it affect him?

4. What attracts the narrator to the disinterested girl on the bus?

5. What is the reaction of his family when the narrator dresses up as the magician, Tenkatsu?

6. What type of gender influence does the narrator have as a child?

7. What attracts the narrator to soldiers as a youth?

8. Regarding his obsession with death, what does the narrator discover when he reaches puberty?

9. Why does the narrator begin drinking and smoking?

10. When the narrator writes an essay to analyze his feelings about Reni's "Saint Sebastian," what physical object does the narrator discuss and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Upon reaching puberty, the narrator discovers a connection between sex and violence.

1) What was the narrator's relationship with violence prior to puberty?

2) Why does this obsession act itself out in a sexual fashion?

3) How do these desires affect the narrator?

Essay Topic 2

The narrator spends much of his early life fantasizing about blood, death, and gore. Because of the war, the narrator is confronted with the reality of this world. Instead of being excited, as the narrator expected he would be, he is repulsed. Examine the dichotomy in the narrator's opinions towards violence.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout his childhood, the narrator struggles with the definition of love.

1) Growing up, who does the narrator believe love is really meant for?

2) Upon becoming jealous of Omi, why does the narrator swear off love?

3) How does the narrator's perception of love change as he gets older?

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