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Short Answer Questions

1. What impression does the narrator have of Omi after meeting him alone in the schoolyard?

2. The narrator is concerned his lack of interest in women stems from what?

3. With whom is the narrator typically allowed to play as a child?

4. When is the narrator given an opportunity to start a conversation with Yakumo, but doesn't?

5. A friend suggests the narrator should target whom for the graphic game?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the narrator's fantasy perception of Omi.

2. Why do the narrator's parents keep him from living in the dormitories at school?

3. What attracts the narrator to the disinterested girl on the bus?

4. When Omi and the narrator lock eyes during a game of "King of the Hill," what does the narrator imagine has taken place?

5. Why does the narrator believe that his lack of interest in women may have to do with laziness?

6. When the narrator writes an essay to analyze his feelings about Reni's "Saint Sebastian," what physical object does the narrator discuss and why?

7. Why do adults seem concerned at the narrator's insistence that he remembers his birth?

8. What does the narrator do to appear to be heterosexual in front of his fellow classmates?

9. Why is the narrator's opportunity to live with his father cut short?

10. Over the summer, the narrator realizes his love for Omi may actually be what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a creative essay, analyzing what aspects of the narrator's life at school might have been different if he had chosen to reveal his true sexual identity.

Essay Topic 2

In spite of his attraction to men, the narrator finds true affection for Sonoko.

1) Why is the narrator attracted to Sonoko?

2) Why is she attracted to him?

3) What factors work against the success of the relationship?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout his childhood, the narrator struggles with the definition of love.

1) Growing up, who does the narrator believe love is really meant for?

2) Upon becoming jealous of Omi, why does the narrator swear off love?

3) How does the narrator's perception of love change as he gets older?

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