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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, pages 183-218.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of physical affection did the narrator once receive from Sumiko?
(a) She hugged him.
(b) She danced with him.
(c) She kissed him.
(d) She put her head in his lap.

2. While kissing Chieko, who does the narrator fantasize about?
(a) The male nurse.
(b) Sonoko.
(c) Omi.
(d) A comic book character.

3. After avoiding the draft, how does the narrator decide he wants to die?
(a) Because of his own stupidity.
(b) Strung to a tree, with arrows.
(c) In Omi's arms.
(d) With his family.

4. What does the narrator try to learn from others?
(a) Sensitivity.
(b) Heterosexual behavior.
(c) Speech patterns.
(d) Interest in science.

5. Over the summer, why does the narrator suddenly feel close to Omi?
(a) There is an article in the paper about Omi.
(b) He grows underarm hair.
(c) He sees a boy who looks like Omi.
(d) His mother mentions Omi.

Short Answer Questions

1. When apart, how do the narrator and Sonoko communicate?

2. What does the narrator find attractive about Sumiko?

3. The narrator chooses not to speak to Yakumo because he is ashamed of what?

4. Where does the narrator learn about heterosexual sex?

5. On what popular playground toy do Omi and the narrator battle?

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