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Essay Topic 1

The narrator has an obsession with death.

1) Why is the narrator interested in death?

2) As a child, what does he do to learn more about death?

3) How does the narrator feel about death?

Essay Topic 2

The narrator is surrounded by feminine influence, yet certain social cues teach him how a boy "should" act.

1) Who provides the narrator with these social cues?

2) What does the narrator do to act out his gender expectations?

3) In what ways does the narrator struggle against his gender identity?

Essay Topic 3

At an early age, the narrator is interested in other men. However, as a youth he does not attribute these feelings to be sexual.

1) What type of male influence does the narrator have in his life?

2) What masculine memories shape the narrator's life?

3) At an early age, why does the narrator hide this interest in other men?

Essay Topic 4

The picture...

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