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Tony Horwitz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were the dead of Andersonville buried?
(a) The bodies were sent back to their family.
(b) In trenched graves.
(c) The bodies where burried in the wall.
(d) In the local cemetary.

2. When was Albert Cashier hit by a car?
(a) 1912.
(b) 1915.
(c) 1913.
(d) 1911.

3. When was Gone with the Wind made into a movie?
(a) In the 1950's.
(b) In the 1960's.
(c) In the 1940's.
(d) In the 1930's.

4. How was the girl impregnated according to the Minie Ball Pregnancy story?
(a) By a Union soldier.
(b) By a bullet going through the testicul of a soldier and striking her in the abdomen.
(c) In a pool.
(d) By a Confederate soldier.

5. Where was the city museum located?
(a) In the courthouse building.
(b) In the hospital.
(c) In the fire station.
(d) In the police station.

6. How much was Alberta's husband's pension?
(a) $50 per month.
(b) $10 per month.
(c) $30 per month.
(d) $20 per month.

7. What was Johnson's main goal with her book?
(a) Telling the story of the children of the war.
(b) Telling the story of the women during the war.
(c) Balancing the "Myths" about the Union victories.
(d) Balancing the "Myths" about Andersonville.

8. When did Alberta's first husband die?
(a) 10 years after her marriage.
(b) 5 years after her marriage.
(c) 25 years after her marriage.
(d) 15 years after her marriage.

9. What did the filthy conditions in Andersonville lead to?
(a) Overwhelmed cleaning crews.
(b) Rats infestation.
(c) Problem with food storage.
(d) Dysentery.

10. What group did Sandy guide through the capitol?
(a) White at risk children.
(b) A group of Chinese tourists.
(c) White homeschooled children.
(d) African American veterants.

11. What was the name of the place Union soldiers withstood Confederate charges?
(a) The Crocodile pit.
(b) The Hornet's Nest.
(c) The bear cave.
(d) The snake cage.

12. What did the other name of the First Manassas battle?
(a) Battle of Shiloh.
(b) Battle of Bull Run.
(c) Battle of Gettysburg.
(d) Battle of the Wilderness.

13. What was Albert Martin's husband a part of?
(a) The 3th Alabama army.
(b) The 5th Alabama army.
(c) The 4th Alabama army.
(d) The 6th Alabama army.

14. What was Vicksburg the site of?
(a) A small battle.
(b) A large fire.
(c) A major weapons manufacturing plant.
(d) A siege.

15. What did most of the people coming to Atlanta want to see?
(a) The grave of Margaret Mitchell.
(b) The grave of the Union soldier in Gone with the Wind.
(c) The house of Gone with the Wind.
(d) The grave of Scarlett O'Hara.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the Andersonville prison commander after the war?

2. What did Mauriel Johnson studied?

3. What seemed impossible to Horwitz 130 years after the war?

4. How any battles did Albert Cashier fight?

5. What was Horwitz surprised to learn about Alabama's history curriculum?

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