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Atul Gawande
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of a local anesthetic did the chief resident use when she put in a central line?
(a) Triocaine.
(b) Saxitoxin.
(c) Lidocaine.
(d) Benzocaine.

2. What did Turk Wendell insist that his salary be for the 1999 season?
(a) $750,000.99.
(b) $2,100,000.99.
(c) $1,200,000.99.
(d) $500,000.99.

3. At any given time, approximately what percent of practicing physicians are unfit to see patients?
(a) 1-2 percent.
(b) 5-6 percent.
(c) 3-5 percent.
(d) 7-8 percent.

4. At the beginning of Chapter 1, how many weeks had Gawande been in training?
(a) 4 months.
(b) 4 weeks.
(c) 3 months.
(d) 6 weeks.

5. How much might it cost in most hospitals to repair a hernia?
(a) Upward of $4,000.
(b) Upward of $8,000.
(c) Around $3,000.
(d) Around $5,500.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do patients leave the operating room at Shouldice after having surgery?

2. How many patients a day did Goodman's physician's assistant say the man would see and not spend more than five minutes with them?

3. How long is the apprenticeship at Shouldice Hospital?

4. What statistician described a classic example of imagining patterns where really there are none when he described the Germans' bombing patterns of South London in World War II?

5. When was the case of the badly infected knee that Goodman mishandled?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is a Terribly Quiet Chat and how effective can one be?

2. Why aren't compassion and technology necessarily incompatible?

3. What was it like at Gawande's hospital when it was time for the annual surgeons convention?

4. Describe the technical exhibit hall.

5. What was the shift like that Gawande worked on Friday the thirteenth?

6. What is the physician's dodge and why is it necessary?

7. What is an EKG?

8. Why did Gawande have to leave a teenage knifing victim and go tend to another emergency?

9. What one study did Gawande find that linked increased traffic accidents to Friday the thirteenth?

10. What did Gawande have in his pockets during his first weeks of surgical training?

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