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Atul Gawande
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old was Lazaroff?
(a) Early seventies.
(b) Early eighties.
(c) Early fifties.
(d) Early sixties.

2. What was the first indication Joseph Lazaroff had that something might be physically wrong with him?
(a) Terrible headaches.
(b) A large lump under his arm.
(c) A wound that would not heal.
(d) A backache.

3. How high was Bratton's fever when she decided to go to the doctor?
(a) 103 degrees.
(b) 101 degrees.
(c) 104 degrees.
(d) 102 degrees.

4. How old was Drury when she got the job as overnight television anchorwoman?
(a) 31.
(b) 26.
(c) 28.
(d) 24.

5. How many pounds does Caselli estimate he had lost and gained in his life?
(a) 700 pounds.
(b) 800 pounds.
(c) 500 pounds.
(d) 1,000 pounds.

6. What were the chances that Caselli could have died during the gastric-bypass surgery?
(a) 1 in 500 chance.
(b) 1 in 200 chance.
(c) 3 in 700 chance.
(d) 2 in 150 chance.

7. When did Gawande attend medical school?
(a) Early 1990s.
(b) Late 1980s.
(c) Early 1980s.
(d) Late 1990s.

8. How many children did Marie Noe have?
(a) 7.
(b) 10.
(c) 8.
(d) 3.

9. Where was the television station where Christine Drury was the overnight anchorwoman?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Bloomington.
(c) Indianapolis.
(d) Fort Wayne.

10. Where did Amy Fitzpatrick and her husband drive for Easter?
(a) Boston, Massachusetts.
(b) Alexandria, Virginia.
(c) Baltimore, Maryland.
(d) Yonkers, New York.

11. When was a manuscript written that described putting delinquent juveniles inside a box outside town hall that would be spun at high speed until the youth vomited?
(a) 1893.
(b) 1843.
(c) 1914.
(d) 1931.

12. What was Noe's husband's name?
(a) Robert.
(b) Arthur.
(c) Jonathan.
(d) Andrew.

13. How many of Noe's children died?
(a) 6.
(b) 3.
(c) 8.
(d) 10.

14. What percent of the population does a crude estimate suggest are afflicted with severe blushing?
(a) About 2 percent.
(b) 1 to 7 percent.
(c) About 8 percent.
(d) 5 to 10 percent.

15. By 2003, how many more patients were expected to have gastric-bypass surgery than did in 1999?
(a) Three times the number of patients.
(b) Double the number of patients.
(c) 5,000 more patients.
(d) 10,000 more patients.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wrote that "man is the only animal that blushes or needs to"?

2. In what book was a man programmed away from brutality by coupling his violent urges with feelings of nausea?

3. What percent of patients regain weight after gastric-bypass surgery?

4. Where did Drury go to college?

5. How long had Gawande's daughter Hunter been home before she became ill?

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